Are Makeup Dupes Worth It

You absolutely loved a product, but a glimpse of the price tag made you drop your idea of buying it. I am sure you have been a victim of this situation once in your lifetime. What about purchasing the same product under different brands at a lower price? Is this possible? Yes, it is, through makeup dupes. But are makeup dupes worth it? According to Skinprosac, dupes are often given the same effect as the original product but are available at an affordable price. Let’s understand it in this article and know more about makeup dupes. 

Makeup dupes are nothing but a branded product with a difference in formula or color but under a different brand name. With increased innovation in the fashion and makeup industry, you can find most products from the lowest to the highest price as expected. So in this wide variety of products, finding the one suitable for you can be a little burdensome. So which dupes can suit all skin types? Let’s find out.

Are Makeup Dupes Worth It?

Thanks to the professionals who regularly try various products to find out the differences between a good and a lousy dupe. Some of the dupes in the market are as bad as to avoid even a single use of it. But some duplicates are as good as the ones available under the original brand name and are even better. Some of the benefits of dupes are-

Benefits of Dupes

  • Helps in saving cost- We tend to find a product replica that is favorable for us but is available at a very high price. The motive behind the replica is to save cost. Therefore, dupes help us protect our pockets. Sometimes the savings are as high as 50% of the original price.
  • Better application- No wonder you find a dupe that has a better application and durability than the original one. Many efforts and purchases are required to find that one product suitable for our skin. Moreover, when we see one, very few people try to stick to that product because of the expenses involved and the urge to find something new. 
  • Staying up to date- Social media has revolved our lives 180 degrees. Keeping up with the trends is very significant to make a place in the market, especially for budding artists. But this involves a considerable amount of cost. Therefore, dupes help you conclude two of your problems. Staying up with the trends and saving money come together as benefits of dupes.
  • Differentiation between the original and a duplicate- Dupes helps us identify the difference between an original and a duplicate product. The differences can be of ingredients, formula, or application. 

Depending on the preferences, some people choose a dupe depending on the formula and ingredients, while the others search for the application and result. Whatever the priorities maybe, some of the fantastic dupes for all preferences which are available in the market are as follows.

Preferable Dupes

  • Foundation (Milani glow hydrating skin tint)

Milani glow is a hydrating foundation and has a sheer tint of glow. So it’s a preferable foundation for those who want glowy makeup. It has a thin to medium coverage, a watery-like texture, and doesn’t oxidize. However, its longevity is a bit less than the product, of which it is considered a dupe. That is urban decay hydro maniac tinted glow foundation. But it’s a perfect product for adding perfection to the skin and is priced only at $12. 

  • Brow pencil and tint (Maybelline brow fast sculpt)

Available in seven different tints, Maybelline brow sculpts shape the eyebrows while adding pigment with a mini eyebrow brush. Infused with the formula that dries down fast, the large bristles help shape the brows, whereas the small bristles help add the pigment. Priced at only $8, it’s a perfect dupe for gimme brow by benefit cosmetics.

  • Lip gloss (Revlon super lustrous lip gloss)

One of the best dupes to Fenty beauty gloss bombs is this lip gloss from Revlon. The smooth, non-sticky, and balmy texture of the gloss is so soft on the lips, and the shimmer it adds on is the cherry on the top of the cake. It gives a perfect neutral look and stays in place all day long. The price of Revlon lip gloss is $9, which is $10 less than the lip gloss from Fenty beauty.

  • Pencil eyeliner (Revlon colorstay micro hyper precision gel eyeliner)

The eyeliner from Revlon has a smooth texture and has a built-in smudger making it easy to smudge. The retractor of the eyeliner makes it even more durable. However, the price stands at $9, which is $9 less than the original Hourglass 1.5 mm mechanical gel eyeliner.

Many more dupe options are available for various skin and beauty products in the market. Therefore, finding a suitable choice for you is not that difficult. Moreover, it helps in saving costs.


  • Difficult to find the same formula- Most of the time, finding the same formula is quite tricky. There will be a slight difference in ingredients, or even if you find the same ingredients, their proportion might differ. Therefore, a choice of a dupe may make you compromise with the formula. 
  • Not every replica is good- Finding a good dupe is as tricky as finding a stone in a stack of sand. Many brands claim their product to be the dupe of an expensive one, but in reality, it’s far away to be called a dupe.


Are makeup dupes worth it? Well, it depends. Many dupes are even better than the original product, whereas the others can’t even be compared with the original one. Some people look for formulas, while most look for the difference between the end result of the original one and a dupe.

To find a good replica, a certain amount of understanding regarding the products and their application is required. Professionals understand these differences in a single go, but it’s not so difficult for commoners too. Go through a few tips, and you are ready to go. 

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