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Are Instagram Giveaways Legit?

Instagram and other social media have become immensely powerful tools for marketing and promoting products, services, and brands. One of the most popular ways to take advantage of Instagram’s popularity is by running Instagram giveaways.

Instagram giveaways are a great way for businesses to engage with their followers and build brand awareness, but for these giveaways to be successful and run smoothly, you need an Instagram giveaway picker. If done properly, Instagram giveaways can be a legit, effective, and widely recognized method of marketing your brands.

What is an Instagram giveaway picker and what types are available?

An Instagram giveaway picker is a tool that helps you to randomly select winners for Instagram giveaways. This type of picker uses various algorithms and criteria to determine the winners, allowing you to easily choose the most deserving entrants based on factors such as follower count or engagement levels.

There are many different types of Instagram giveaway pickers available, including automated pickers, which choose winners automatically based on predetermined criteria, and pickers, which require you to manually select the winners. Some pickers also offer advanced features such as email notifications or social media integrations that can help make running Instagram giveaways even easier.

So if you’re looking to run a successful Instagram giveaway, be sure to invest in an Instagram giveaway picker to ensure that you select the most deserving entrants and engage with your followers in the best possible way. With the right Instagram giveaway picker, you can boost brand awareness, increase sales, and connect more deeply with your target audience.

What factors influence an Instagram giveaway selector?

Numerous factors can influence Instagram giveaway selection, including these five:

1. The number of Instagram followers you have

The Instagram giveaway picker relies on several factors to determine which users should be selected as winners. These may include the number of Instagram followers you have, your level of engagement on Instagram, and the quality of your Instagram content.

2. Your location

Your location heavily determines the Instagram giveaway picker, as Instagram users in certain regions may be more likely to win. For example, Instagram giveaways that are open only to residents of a certain country or city may have different winners than those that are open worldwide.

3. Your influence on Instagram

How influential you are on Instagram also plays a role in your chances of winning Instagram giveaways. Instagram influencers may be more likely to win, as they typically have a large following and a high engagement rate. This makes them attractive partners for brands running Instagram contests.

4. The quality of your Instagram content

The Instagram giveaway picker also considers the overall quality of your Instagram content when determining winners. This can include factors like the aesthetics of your Instagram feed, the creativity and originality of your posts, and how well you engage with your followers.

5. Your past giveaway history

Finally, your past Instagram giveaway history may also play a role in determining whether or not you are selected as a winner. Instagram giveaways tend to be highly competitive, so users who have already won in the past may be less likely to win again. Any campaign participant who stands out of the pack from the above features stands a better chance of being selected for a prize.

Steps to run a successful Instagram giveaway

To run a successful Instagram giveaway, you need to follow the following procedure:

1. Choose a goal

Every Instagram strategy should lead to certain goals and so do Instagram giveaways. Whether you want to promote your brand, increase engagement, or drive website traffic, it is important to set a goal before launching your giveaway. The goals should be pre-determined and measurable so you can effectively measure your success and adjust your strategy accordingly.

2. Pick a giveaway tool or Instagram giveaway picker

There are several different tools available for running Instagram giveaways, including dedicated Instagram giveaway pickers. These tools make it easy to launch and manage your Instagram campaign, automating many of the processes and allowing you to filter and select winners from among your Instagram followers.

3. Select giveaway requirements and rules

When setting up your Instagram giveaway, it is important to choose the giveaway requirements carefully. These will include things like minimum follower counts or the number of hashtags used and can help you ensure that only eligible participants are entering your contest. You should also create clear rules for your Instagram giveaway, outlining things like eligibility requirements, the duration of the giveaway, and any other important information.

4. Choose a prize or incentive

The main purpose of an Instagram giveaway is to generate interest in your brand or product. To do this effectively, you should choose a valuable prize or incentive that appeals to your target audience. This can be anything from a physical prize or gift card to exclusive access to your product or service.

5. Promote and run your Instagram giveaway

Once you have set up your Instagram giveaway, it is important to promote it effectively. This can include sharing information about the contest on your Instagram page and through other social media channels, as well as reaching out to influencers and other Instagram users to help spread the word. You should also closely monitor your giveaway and adjust it as needed to maximize engagement and results. With the right strategy, Instagram giveaways can be a great way to engage with your followers and build interest in your brand or products.


Whether you are new to Instagram or an experienced user, running an Instagram giveaway can be a legit and fantastic way to engage with your followers and build interest in your brand. To run a successful Instagram giveaway, it is important to choose a goal for your campaign, pick a suitable giveaway tool or Instagram giveaway picker, select the right giveaway requirements and rules, choose a valuable prize or incentive, and promote your Instagram giveaway effectively. With the right strategy, you can run a highly successful campaign that generates interest in your brand and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

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