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Are Built In Speakers In Monitors Good? The Truth!

Built-in speakers are becoming a norm in the gaming world; However, concluding the fact that built-in speakers are good or bad entirely depends on the fact that what are your requirements. Built-in speakers don’t play an essential role in your gaming life or affect your monitors’ performance.

The unit sales of the monitors in 2020 were recorded to reach 18.4 million. Meanwhile, a recent survey stated that it was forecasted to reach 25.9 million unit sales by 2021. The sole reason for more involvement in this gaming life was the Covid pandemic, as people tend to stay at home more than usual. 

Monitors With Built-in Speakers

Monitors with or without speakers do not affect the monitor’s performance; however, it does affect the monitor’s build. For example, the monitor with speakers in them would be slightly extended in shape than the one without speakers. If you are okay with the monitor acquiring more space, you can choose monitors with speakers. 

Considering the quality fact, no matter how much money you spend on a monitor with speakers, they would not be able to provide you with a quality sound as the external speakers would. So if you are a sound freak, the built-in speakers would never be a replacement for the outer pair of speakers. 

The built-in speakers provide you with the sound same as the sound of your smartphone speakers. However, being a little wiser, it is better to spend money on a higher-performing monitor for the exact price than to have an average mix of sound and monitor. 

It has been further explained by one of the salesperson at a Razorstore LasVegas, 

‘Mostly, our players use headsets for the sound, which in any case, removes the need for speakers anyway. So, we emphasize making a more competitive gaming monitor concerning players’ needs which doesn’t include a quality sound system.’

Other Activities

Another factor that needs to be considered while buying a built-in speaker is how much the PC is used for other activities. For example, if you use your PC for further browsing, YouTubing, movies, or any other non-gaming activities. 

Further, check if sound quality matters for all these non-gaming activities. If it is a YES, do not buy a built-in speaker monitor. However, if you can manage with low sound quality, you can go for the built-in speaker monitor.

If the monitor bought is only for gaming activities, consider whether you are a high-pitcher sound freak or can manage with low sound. Nonetheless, if you are a loud person, you should not opt for the built-in speakers; instead, buy an additional pair of speakers. As a person, one can not always use headsets for other activities. 

Benefits Of Built-In Speakers

Besides all the arguments, a built-in speaker would be a better choice if you lack the space for external speakers. This is because external speakers require more and proper space to accommodate them; meanwhile, if it is in the monitor, it would provide the two-in-one benefit. 

Another factor leading to a decision to keep a built-in monitor is if you do not demand quality sound.

Nonetheless, Built-in speakers can always be helpful in terms of any external speaker damage if the sound system breaks down or stops working. In addition, they will always provide you with a backup sound. So other than the above two factors this point can always be considered as a bonus. 

When Not To Go For These

However, there are certain cases when you should not go for monitors with speakers. The main reason you should completely ignore getting it is when you already own a great pair of speaker sets with you. Why manage with a low-quality sound when you can rock your old set?

The built-in speakers can never compete with the sound and quality of the speaker in general. So it doesn’t matter if you are getting a high-end or budgeted speaker. It will always be better than a built-in one. 

You should buy a monitor with different specs or one upgraded in terms of performance and then spend a little additional figure on the speakers separately, rather than spending all the money on a bulkier monitor, which often looks like an old-fashioned monitor. As in today’s time monitors are getting thinner with every new invention upgradation. 

The list of do’s and don’ts above would help you decide which matches your needs in terms of a monitor. However, the monitor with speakers is a better option if you are out of space and don’t want your desk to look more occupied with stuff. Also, gamers often use headsets for gaming sessions; therefore, the need for a particular sound system ultimately gets eliminated. So the built speakers often tend you fit a lot of requirements. 



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