Arctic Bearz – Unmissable NFT about rewarding the community and helping Polar Bears mints soon.

It has been creating a lot of buzz and is now ready to take over the IMX NFT scene.

Setting a strong foot for any brand or business today across any field and sector is no walk in the park. Many of them may take years to see the light of the day, while some others may even struggle to reach their definition of success. However, there have been a few brands and businesses that have thrived on the passion of a few determined individuals and professionals and have easily attracted people’s attention with the uniqueness they offer in their respective fields. Hence, even after encountering several hurdles, these brands go ahead in attaining the success they desire. It was this uniqueness that brought Arctic Bearz, a rising name in the world of nfts, garners more headlines. Almost everyone who today wishes to be a part of the Defi game is talking about Arctic Bearz, for it has stood up for the environment and the animals that live there, which is why Arctic Bearz is considered today an unmissable NFT.

The founders behind Arctic Bearz were always clear of what they wanted to achieve by launching their NFT collection in the market. They knew that since the Defi world could probably become the future of many, why not make more efforts to create a greater impact on society, community, and the environment as a whole by putting more light on climate change and saving lives of endangered species, starting with Polar Bears. That is how they recently announced the launch of Arctic Bearz, a unique NFT helping endangered animals and people’s crypto wallets. With this project, the team behind Arctic Bearz wants to point the crypto spotlight at climate change and the many species it has been endangering, starting with Polar Bears. 

Not just that, the Arctic Bearz’s team plans to donate a certain percentage of their revenue towards adopting and sponsoring vulnerable Polar Bears while also giving the first 100 Arctic Bearz holders an adoption pack for a Polar Bear. Talking more about the same, the founder of Arctic Bearz explains that the team is determined to create a whole ecosystem of female, male, and baby cubs created through a breeding system and are also aimed at appreciating and showing gratitude to their early supporters and everyone on their White List. He highlights that a few lucky winners will get giveaways and will receive a female Polar Bear. Right now, they have a total supply of 3500 Bearz.

The team at Arctic Bearz has shown a different kind of genius by entering the NFT markets while making sure to give back to the planet, which has already earned it much support and appreciation from all. The minting of 3500 Arctic Bearz will start soon, and it will be on Immutable X, a layer 2 protocol for trading Ethereum NFTs such as Arctic Bearz. 

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