Arctic Air Cooler Reviews: Will the Arctic Air Pure Chill Work for You?

Arctic Air Cooler is a personal air purifier, humidifier, and chiller, all rolled into one convenient device. Does it operate as advertised? Let’s find out.

About Arctic Air Cooler

The Arctic Air Cooler is a portable and lightweight space cooler that comes equipped with a programmable digital thermostat, LCD display, and a fan that can operate at two different speeds. 

The unit features a contemporary design with advanced features that are lacking in many portable, personal air coolers. In addition, the Arctic Air Cooler is being sold at a lower price than other personal portable air conditioners. 

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Features of Arctic Air Cooler

  • Small and portable
  • Cleans, dehumidifies, and refreshes the air 
  • Integrated thermostat and timer that can be programmed 
  • LCD display (luminous and simple to read) 
  • 350 watts 
  • Fan with two speeds and low noise 
  • Works on an area that is 45 square feet in size. 
  • Powered by either a regular outlet or a USB port. 
  • Non-detrimental to the natural environment (does not use Freon) 

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Working of Arctic Air Cooler

This is an evaporative cooler that may be used outside the house. To put it another way, it’s similar to a fan that pushes air over water. The company’s explanation seems far more impressive: “The personal air cooler that is both small and environmentally friendly, and draws heated air from the room to pass through its evaporative water filter in order to humidify the air as it cools!” 

Cooling, humidifying, and removing dust particles from the air are all accomplished with the Arctic Air Cooler. 

There is a sizable filter in the interior that can be removed with relative ease. Replacement filters may be purchased for the low price of $10, and their lifespan is estimated to be somewhere around six months. The website claims that it can remove particles from the air, yet the instructions call it a “water filter.” 

The positive element of this product is that it will blow cold air in the user’s direction, and the air that it generates is far cooler than the air that is produced by a regular fan, which just circulates air. It is kind of like those “misters” in the desert that spray a fine mist that cools even when the temperature is really hot. The unfavorable fact is that to experience the cooling effect, users will most likely have to position themselves directly in front of this. Although it claims on the internet that it can cool a 45 square foot area, in order for it to make much of a difference, one will need to be in direct line of sight with it. 

Arctic Air Coolers work using either a normal outlet or a USB connection. It can also be used with the USB port on a Solar Juice Pro power pack in addition to the port on a computer. 

One Arctic Air Cooler can hold up to 750 milliliters of water. The water should be extremely cold or even ice water can be used for the best results. Humidity is an additional issue that should be considered. Because evaporative cooling is most effective when the relative humidity is low, one shouldn’t anticipate this to provide much comfort if they are in a location that has a high level of humidity (probably around 60 percent or less). 

On testing the Arctic Air Cooler next to a fan, it was found that it produced cooler air than the cheaper fan. The conventional fan, on the other hand, blew harder, which nullified some of the benefits provided by the Arctic Air fan. In addition, the fan allowed for vertical adjustment, but the Arctic Air fan did not. 

One other thing to consider is that it isn’t immediately obvious that this device will need to be cleaned on a regular basis, much as one would a humidifier. This is particularly true if people allow any water to remain in the reservoir after using it, as this will need more frequent cleaning. When purchasing an item of this kind, it is important to have realistic expectations. The level of contentment with this device will be largely determined by variables such as the proximity to other people who use it, the amount of humidity in the air, and how powerful the fan is. 

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Arctic Air Cooler

The Arctic Air cooler, just like any other kind of cooler, offers a few benefits as well as a few drawbacks. 

Benefits of Arctic Air Cooler

  1. Economic – At only 39 dollars, it is a steal of a deal. 
  2. Takes up a very little amount of space – People are free to use it anywhere, even in confined spaces like a studio apartment. The cooler has several applications, including cooling a tent or summer cottage while traveling. 
  3. Portable – If one ever needs to relocate the Arctic Air Cooler, one won’t have any trouble doing so. It is not only simple to transport it from one room to another, but it is also simple to transport the device from the house to the workplace or even to a hotel, allowing people to maintain a comfortable temperature no matter where they are or when they need to be there. 
  4. It is simple to use – Even without reading the instructions, the model’s user interface is not difficult to grasp at all. One button is used to control the operation of the cooler. 
  5. Environment-Friendly – Freon or other types of cooling fluid are not used by the Arctic Air Cooler. In addition to this, it releases air that has been cleaned of dust and other particles. 
  6. Can Work As A Humidifier – It has the ability to work as a humidifier, and using it will make life easier. 
  7. Can be used as a fan -It can either generate cold air or be turned over to function as a standard fan. 


  1. A limited space for cooling -The Arctic Air cooler is excellent for creating a comfortable coldness in confined locations, such as in the office or at bedtime, but it is not appropriate for chilling a whole room or many rooms at once. 
  2. Need to maintain the correct water level in the tank – When the water runs out, the air conditioner will not be able to continue to chill the room. As a result, it is essential to promptly replenish the liquid whenever it runs low. There are several types that come equipped with an indicator that shows when the tank is empty. 
  3. The cord will rapidly get warm – Avoid installing the gadget in close proximity to combustible substances. 
  4. There is a propensity for water to escape from the tank – Because the tank of the cooler is not completely impermeable, it is imperative that the device not be placed on electronics or on surfaces that might be harmed. 


Arctic Air Cooler is made available at a price that is lower than its regular retail price but only on the sales page of the product. On buying more than two of the personal fans, buyers will get a greater discount on the total cost.

Price of Arctic Air Cooler

  • 3 Arctic Air Coolers for the price of 2 ($66.33 each box) 
  • 3 Arctic Air Coolers plus two free (each valued at $59,80) 
  • 1 Arctic Air Coolers for $99.00 per unit 
  • 2 Arctic Air Coolers at the cost of $79.50 each 
  • 4 Arctic Air Coolers for $59,75 each 


As was said earlier, our Arctic Air Cooler Review includes both the positives and negatives of the product. All of them are detailed down below: 

  • It may be adjusted for one’s own cooling purposes 
  • It is not difficult to use. 
  • Reduces Sensitivity Protects Against 
  • It is only available for purchase on the internet. 
  • The available supply is low due to the strong demand in the market. 

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What is the method of operation of the Arctic Air Cooler? 

Arctic Air Cooler uses an ecologically friendly setup that is particularly kind to nature as it assures that no chemicals are utilized in the cooling unit. This is accomplished by its operationality and design, both of which are environmentally friendly. 

Does Arctic Air Cooler Actually Achieve Its Purported Goals? 

The portable air cooler device from Arctic Air Cooler is functional. It is possible to use it even in very dry circumstances, particularly given that it has a built-in humidifier of a high grade that can readily contribute to the moisturization or humidification of our surrounding environment. 

There are a number of good responses about the Arctic Air Cooler accessible online.

Conclusion: Arctic Air Cooler 

The Arctic Air Cooler is a great option for those who need a portable cooler. It is not only lightweight but also very tiny and fashionable. It contains gorgeous LED lights that cycle through 7 different color schemes, allowing users to flip between them and pick their favorite. If people want to take the Arctic Air Cooler with them to their workplace or on a vacation, moving it will not be difficult. It does a good job of cooling the air, moistening it, and clearing it.

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