Arcona Reviews – A Review of Arcona Cryptocurrency and ICO

Arcona Token Reveiw

If you are a fan of anime or science fiction, you will love Arcona. Using virtual and augmented reality, Arcona combines the physical world with the digital. A blockchain-powered ecosystem, Arcona goes a step beyond a virtual reality setup. Using augmented reality, it creates an overlay of a digital world on top of the real one.


With Arcona, you can buy, sell, lease and rent digital estate. This is just like real land, but in the digital sense. Like a parallel world in a different phase compared to our real world (now you understand the sci fi connection).

The digital land can be rented by individuals and businesses alike. Let us take an example of a restaurant owner. He can rent spaces in Arcona that corresponds to his actual restaurant. A user visiting his restaurant in the augmented reality of Arcona will be able to see the restaurant in its digital form. The owner could have menus and pictures of food near and around his restaurant.

This opens up a world (practically) of land that you can rent, lease and run advertisement on. In reality, the actual space may be congested with buildings, houses and other ads, but that will have no effect on your Arcona estate.

You can, not only run adverts on Arcona, but also use it as a platform to sell your goods and services. If you are seller of, let us say, furniture, you can rent space, upload 3d pictures of your furniture and potential buyers can inspect your products in detail.

You could run your ads in places where Arcona users frequent more. The cheap ads and practical ease of placing those ads in any place means more reach to potential clients. One might argue that the VR and AR technology is still in its infancy and spending capital on advertisement on Arcona will not be feasible. However, the speed of development and the amount of investment being done in AR is huge. Major corporations like Alphabet’s Google and Facebook have proper departments with serious budgets working on it.


The Arcona ecosystem runs on the Ethereum platform.  Within its own system, the only mode of transaction is the ARCONA token. The token is running its pre ICO as of now. The sales campaign ends at end of February 2018. ARCONA coin is hardcapped at 50 million, so you can be sure that there will be no inflation involved like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can visit their website and register to buy the tokens.

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