What is Arcona? – A Brief Guide for Beginners.

Arcona Token Reveiw

 Augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality; the word augment means to add or enhance something. Augmented reality is an exciting new technology that enhances the one’s current perception of the world with the use of computer-generated images. Graphics, sounds and touch feedback are added into our world to create an enhanced and surreal experience.

Virtual reality requires you to experience an entirely new, virtual environment  whereas augmented reality (AR) simply overlays virtual information on top of the existing natural environment. The aim of AR is blend computer generated images into the real world which only the user can see. These images can be viewed on screens, monitors, handheld devices and special glasses.

The Idea

Arcona aims to provide a unified experience of virtual reality and our environment powered by the blockchain. Since there’s going to be an environment that links back to our natural world, arcona aims to sell and rent out digital land. The digital land will resemble land in the real world and most (or some) of its attributes. Your arcona token will afford you a piece of digital land that will produce rent payments when used by other programs within the augmented reality environment. Transactions of course will be done on the arcona platform with the arcona token which is ERC compliant.

ICO Details

The total number of Arcona token that will be issued is 135 million. 60% will be made available for sale to the public and each token will cost 0.0025ETH. According to the ICO website, 2,970ETH has been collected so far. The price of each Arcona token is $1, and the hardcap for this project is a whopping $50 million!

Apparently, we’re already in the pre-ICO period. There’s a countdown on the ICO website that states that the pre-ICO ends in about 29 days at the time of writing this article. There is not adequate detail about the ICO event on the website and on the whitepaper.


The Arcona team is made up of some Piligrim XXI staff. Piligrim XXI is a startup that utilizes augmented reality for travel and tourism. In 2014, they opened the world’s first outdoor AR Park. Piligrim XII was supported by some notable companies including Microsoft, Intel and Google.

Arcona is co-founded by Ilia Korguzalov the project lead, Diana Sorina (Marketing), Tania Chernikh (researcher and PR), and Daniel Girdea (AR evangelist) among others.

The advisors board is made up of individuals with several years’ experience in various fields ranging from Technology, Blockchain, and Augmented reality to Banking and Real Estate.

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