ArbiSmart Review — A New Type of Crypto Platform 

Arbitrage trading is something that has been commonplace in the stock market for many years. Now, it’s coming to the cryptocurrency space, as users become more technologically-savvy with crypto, and are exploring ways to profit from it.

ArbiSmart is one example of a venture that has resulted from this trend – it’s an EU-regulated automated arbitrage trading platform for cryptocurrency investments that has recently been causing a stir throughout the crypto community.

In this Arbismart review, we will evaluate this platform and its potential uses for making a tidy profit from crypto arbitrage.

ArbiSmart: The Basics

Put simply, crypto arbitrage is when you purchase crypto-assets in one place, and then sell them for a profit on a different trading platform, capitalising on the differences between market spreads. ArbiSmart focuses on automating this entire process, via complex trading algorithms.

Since its launch, Arbismart has been growing at a rapid pace – they have an international client base, and their platform is able to process up to thousands of transactions on more than 20 different exchanges. They have generated plenty of publicity during this time as well, featuring in publications such as, CryptoGlobe,, and Hackernoon.

The key features of the ArbiSmart platform

So, let’s take a look at some of the key features that ArbiSmart claims to offer.

One of the key ones is that no prior investing (crypto or otherwise) knowledge or experience is needed. This is due to the autonomous nature of the system, meaning that users can rely on the algorithm to do all the heavy work for them. This sets it apart from other crypto platforms.

Another thing that stands ArbiSmart out from the crowd is the risk profile. A lot of crypto platforms are known for high levels of risk owing to the rapid fluctuations in many cryptocurrencies. The arbitrage model that ArbiSmart employs allows users who are looking for a steady stream of passive income to get involved with, and profit from, cryptocurrency, without exposing themselves to that high level of risk.

Other features that the platform offers include a profit calculator tool, a 24/7 customer support desk, a “Live Arbitrage” tool, and well-designed mobile applications. In the future, they will also introduce an interest-earning crypto-wallet.

The ArbiSmart System Explained

After a client has registered and gained approval for accessing the platform, they deposit a set amount of fiat or cryptocurrency to start making money with ArbiSmart (a minimum of €300). In theory, the higher amount deposited, the greater the potential profits will be on this arbitrage system.

So, how does it work once you have deposited your currency?

The ArbiSmart system utilises an intelligent automated trading bot to carry out the arbitrage process. It does this by scanning for arbitrage opportunities across 35 of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Once an opportunity is found, the Smart Arbitrage System automatically buys low, whilst selling high at another exchange. The high-speed system is able to repeat this process across hundreds of trades and multiple different exchanges, over a short period of time.

RBIS Token and Accounts

ArbiSmart, like many other crypto-platforms, has its own ERC-20 (the Ethereum standard) token. This utility token, RBIS, is utilised by ArbiSmart to pay out to clients and during the arbitrage process itself.

Since February 2019, the price of the RBIS token has increased in price by 100% – something that is proof of a steady flow of demand and sets it apart from other crypto platforms, whose tokens tend to lose their value after launching.

In addition,  if the ArbiSmart platform begins to make much more profit than initially expected, then they will buy back RBIS tokens from users in order to balance out the market.

ArbiSmart Review: fees

ArbiSmart is a no-fee platform, instead, income is generated based on taking a small cut from the earnings generated from the crypto-arbitrage. Therefore, your earnings from the ArbiSmart platform are actually based on your initial investment.

There are five tiers, each of which has three sub-levels:

  • ArbiSmart investment tier

  • ArbiSmart advanced tier

  • ArbiSmart expert tier

  • ArbiSmart Elite tier

And an additional tier, the ArbiSmart VIP tier. The higher the amount invested, the higher the tier you fall into. Each tier corresponds to a different rate of return.

So, depending on how much your initial investment was, annual returns generated with ArbiSmart can range from 10.8% to 45%.

When it comes to withdrawals, which can be done at any time, the user has free choice as to how they ‘cash-out’ their profits, either through:

  • a crypto wallet (BTC or ETH)

  • a regular EUR account

  • or in RBIS tokens (will be listed on an exchange by end of 2021).

Additionally, users can also earn some extra commission on top via referrals and a bounty program.

Is ArbiSmart safe?

The team behind ArbiSmart seem fully aware of the potential concerns that users would have when it comes to a crypto-arbitrage platform.

At the basic regulatory level, they hold licenses issued by both the EU and the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), with the latter one being an advanced license – allowing the ArbiSmart platform to offer the full range of crypto-services. This means that they also require all of their users to comply with know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) policies.

When it comes to the security of the platform, and the funds of its users, ArbiSmart keeps things safe using high-level IT security checks, data protection procedures, strong data encryption, firewalls, and SSL certificates.

ArbiSmart Review: Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Overall, the ArbiSmart system seems to offer a lot of benefits, the principal one being that it offers a way to get into crypto trading, without exposing yourself to the kinds of risks normally associated with the cryptocurrency space.

Clients can feel safe thanks to the regulatory backing of this platform, and confident in the strength of the algorithm in order to generate arbitrage profits. This means that little manual effort is required, and it is accessible to even the newest crypto-traders, especially when coupled with always-available customer support.

In terms of the downsides, these are slightly hard to identify at this stage. The primary ones are related to the relative infancy of this platform. So, it is good returns and therefore is definitely a good platform to use, especially as you can trust them with large sums too – they have been regulated and checked for years now by the authorities. Users would be advised to evaluate the return on investment before depositing large sums onto the platform.

Arbismart Review score is a 4.5/5 , this seems like a well-thought-out project.



The ArbiSmart system utilises a proprietary algorithm in order to ascertain the best prices when trading cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges. Once those best prices have been established, it then takes advantage of market spreads in order to generate the maximum potential profit for users.


The signup process includes six simple steps:

  • Enter your full first name and last name.

  • Confirm that you’re not a citizen or resident of the United States.

  • Provide your email and phone number for verification purposes

  • Set a secure password.

  • Confirm that you’re above 18 years old.

They advise that the entire verification process can take up to three working days.


ArbiSmart accounts are secured using two methods:

  • Regular password (required, with the standard security advice)

  • Two-factor authentication (optional, via email or phone)


ArbiSmart is fully licensed and regulated by the Estonian FIU and licensed to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a FIAT currency, as well as a virtual currency wallet service.


ArbiSmart provides 3 deposit options:

  • Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin and more.

  • Credit cards, such as Mastercard and Visa

  • Wire transfer


This can be verified fairly easily, you just need to go to the Ethereum blockchain and match the smart contract address with this one: 0xf34B1Db61ACa1a371fE97BAd2606c9f534fb9D7D


According to ArbiSmart’s policy, there is a guarantee that no more additional tokens will ever be issued within the smart contract.


Arbismart has only provided information that developing their own blockchain as part of their long-term roadmap.

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