AQX Open Beta Launches and How To Use AQX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

AQX Open Beta Launches

AQX Open Beta officially launches to the public on 18th May 2022. Previously, the only way that the public could create an account with AQX is through a special sign up link. With the launch of the Open Beta version, users can create an account and start trading on AQX platform.

What is AQX

AQX is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform that seeks to address various issues that the team believes are preventing the crypto space from going mainstream. These issues include:

  • Inability of users to maximize their capital efficiently
  • Inadequate risk protection for users
  • Lack of liquidity in many new exchange platforms

With the backing of Presto Labs, AQX has implemented a unique liquidation system to cushion its users from any potential market volatility and risks. The crypto exchange platform also provides its users with a multi-collateralized wallet that allows users to enhance their capital efficiency. Thanks to the experience and expertise of its world-class founding team, AQX has become a fully functional platform and has attracted the attention of many investors.

At its core, AQX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform and the team is focused on providing users with the best experience such that AQX will be the first and last cryptocurrency exchange that you’ll need.

How to Join AQX Beta

Users have to log in to the platform to trade futures on AQX Beta. The registration process involves creating a valid username and password and is completed by verifying your email address. 

Before trading futures, users need to create a margin for their trades. Margin refers to the security that a financial instrument holder must deposit to establish a leveraged position. AQX has listed various financial instruments such as USD: USDC>BUSD (stablecoin), USDT, BTC, XRP, ETH, TRX, and LINK. All these financial instruments are eligible for margin trading and have a maximum leverage of up to 100x (conditional on each instrument.)

How to Make Deposits on AQX Beta

Simply connect your wallet, find the deposit address and scan the QR code for your preferred coin to start making deposits on AQX Beta.

Note that users have to complete KYC level 2 to make successful deposits on AQX. More so, withdrawals are barred for 24 hours after performing the first deposit to avoid financial crimes like money laundering and phone fraud and preserve consumer assets. For more information, visit the AQX’s ‘Deposit’ page.

Once you have made a deposit and set up margin in your account, you can start trading futures on AQX Exchange Beta. The main trading page allows you to view information on the products you want to trade and your orders and assets, including your wallet balance, margin balance, unrealized P/L, etc. You can also customise the page to dark/day mode from the Settings tab and view the details of open and closed trades. 

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