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Aquarium Decor Market is Projected to Reach US$ 3.42 Bn by 2032

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In 2022, the aquarium décor market is anticipated to be worth US$2.54 Bn. The aquarium decor market is anticipated to grow at a 3.0% CAGR and reach US$ 3.42 Bn by 2032.

The idea of eco-friendly décor is quickly becoming a dominant trend in the aquarium décor industry. Products are produced and purchased in the market based on their quality. Polycarbonate is used to create high-quality aquarium accessories. They are biodegradable and robust. Customers, or pet parents who keep fish as pets, want wood aquarium decor because it is sturdy. The increased use of fish as a “Stress buster” has a favorable effect on the demand for aquarium accessories worldwide. New aquarium decorations are therefore produced in a variety of designs, sizes, etc.

Consumers now favor more ecologically friendly products as their awareness of environmental sustainability grows. Due to their greater durability and biodegradability, consumers prefer natural and live plants, stone toys, natural-material ornaments, etc. This has not only altered the outlook for aquarium décor, but it has also had a significant effect on other sectors.

Important Takeaways from the Market Study on Aquarium Decor:

E-commerce sites have made a significant contribution to the aquarium decor business during the past two to three years.

North America is the industry leader in aquarium décor globally.

The popularity of aquarium decorations is also being fueled by a range of fish clubs and organizations that support the growth of the hobby and raise public awareness of these endangered species.

The ornamental objects segment of the aquarium accessories market is anticipated to hold the largest market share for aquarium décor throughout the forecast period, driven primarily by hobbyists’ increased interest in aqua spaces.

More Useful Information

By presenting historical demand data (2017–2021) and projected figures for the years 2022–2032, Future Market Insights’ latest offering offers an unbiased overview of the global Aquarium décor market. By product (plants, toys, ornaments, statues, and others), material (clay, ceramic, plastic, coral, stones, resin, and others), price range (low, medium, and premium), sales channel (e-commerce websites, company-owned websites, hypermarkets and supermarkets, specialty stores, and other retail stores), and region, the study offers compelling insights into the Aquarium decor market.

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