AQRE App By Chelle Coin Uses Blockchain Technology To Solve Modern Real Estate Investment Problems

AQRE App is a blockchain platform that gives real estate investors an opportunity to enter the market with ease. The use of blockchain technology gives the whole ecosystem security, efficiency and transparency at the same time.

One of the most stable investment markets in the world is the real estate market. Unless anything untoward were to happen in the real estate sector, the property value will always appreciate over time. This, coupled with the ever growing population has made real estate one of the most lucrative investment markets in the world.

Issues for Investors

For many people who are looking into the possibility of investing in the real estate sector, they are faced by several issues that create a barrier for their entry. Even people with moderate experiences face issues and the can lead to frustration. There are over dozens of issues, but the largest and most common ones are:

  • Large Investment: With real estate getting more valuable every day, sometimes the only accessible market for investors are the ones that are too expensive for them in the first place.
  • Physical Locations: Not everyone is able to travel across the country just to seek out a property and invest in it. Even if one does, the sheer tediousness of running back and forth every now and then can negate the profitability of the property
  • Diversification: Of the accessible markets that are within reach, many investors will find that no matter how much individually different real estate they acquire, diversification is very limited, at best.
  • Steady Income Stream: Real estate is generally a way to invest and reap the rewards by selling the asset when prices are up. Properties do not generate a steady stream of income, unless the real estate in question is invested on to be renovated up to a condition that it can be rented out.
  • Inexperience: Perhaps the most challenging barrier is the lack of experience in the market. Real Estate is a very lucrative market, but if a person does not understand the dynamics, a very large amount of money can be lost. This scares off many people who have limited money to invest.
  • Middlemen and Intermediaries: Real Estate market is not like a grocery store, where one can go and buy stuff. There are specialized brokers and middlemen that connect buyers and sellers, experts who understand and can jump through the complex hoops of legal paperwork, banks who give loans and mortgages etc. All of these players in a real estate transaction charge a commission for their services, which is usually a percentage of the transaction value. The higher the property value, the more they charge. A significant portion of an investor’s money is used to just pay for their services.

AQRE, Easing Barriers

Through the innovative use of decentralized technology, the AQRE app gives real estate investors the following benefits:

  • Smaller Investments: The AQRE app allows users to start their real estate investment business from as little as USD 100.
  • Extended Markets: No longer bound to a single physical location, the AQRE app allows users to look up and invest in the whole of North American market.
  • Diversification: With access to the whole of North America, users are now able to invest in a wide types and locations of real estate. These can be selected by the user to have different market influences, insuring diversification in their portfolio.
  • Intermediary Removal: Due to the P2P nature of blockchain, buyers and sellers are connected directly and are no longer in the need of brokers or deal makers. This saves them a hefty sum of money.
  • Instant Pay out: For people who have invested in real estate that is a rented out, users can get their portion of the rent income payments on a monthly basis.

Chelle Coin and AQRE

Chelle coin is currently the only digital token investors can use to acquire Allocation tokens on the AQRE app. Once Chelle tokens are deposited in the AQRE app, investors can use the built in exchange to convert their Chelle to allocation tokens. These allocation tokens are then further used in the AQRE app to acquire real estate.

For people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies or do not possess one, the AQRE app also gives the option to transfer fiat. The fiat system will come at a later time, not on the initial release. Another addition to the many benefits of AQRE app is that with Chelle’s demand rising as more and more investors join the AQRE ecosystem, any Chelle tokens held by them will only appreciate in value, generating another passive income.

AQRE is all about lowering entry barriers and helping people start their real estate investment careers. The app is designed to be extremely user friendly, so that even the most novices and starters can easily grasp the concept and start investing their money for a better future.

For more information, visit the AQRE website:

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