Types Of Applications to Build With Angular

Applications to Build With Angular

Chandresh Patel, CEO and founder of Bacancy Technology shared the types of applications to build with Angular in this topic on Angular app development.


Reliable features, vast community, open-source availability, and regular updates are the major aspects that have made Angular immensely popular and a favorite of developers. What commenced as a frontend framework has now emerged as an independent web development framework. The journey from AngularJS to Angular 2 has been evident. 

Here in this post, we have covered the varied types of mobile and web applications that can be built with Angular. This post is for those who might be wondering what type of application I can develop using the Angular framework? Or Why is Angular so popular amongst the developer community?

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Why the hype with Angular?

Angular applications are performant and give a seamless user experience. Developers experience a lenient learning curve of Angular, are amazed by the useful tools that Angular provides, and are grateful for the reliable features of Angular. 

Angular is Google’s very own child and hence is blessed to have been born with a silver spoon in its mouth. Youtube, Microsoft, and Google are enough to give testimonials for Angular as they use it for their technology stack.  

Over time, Angular being open-source and supported by a vast community has constantly upgraded and improved itself and is now stable. You get to leverage the perks of a uniform software architecture for your Angular application. Another advantage is that your entire development team is on the same page with a well-documented app, and no one is missing out. This uniformity makes it easy to maintain your Angular application and also scale and grow it in the future. 

Angular follows the Model View Controller MVC architecture and two-way binding, hence it is a perfect choice for developing complex applications. 

To point out specifically, here are the prominent reasons why Angular is much needed and the right choice for your upcoming project.

  • Typescript: Thanks to the Javascript-aided scripting language that helps in scaling and finding bugs in your application. App development becomes speedy with Typescript. 
  • Ecosystem: The huge community of developers supports the language that enables you to target the global audience with internationalization. Angular developers can reach out to anyone in the community across the globe for any queries. 
  • Testing: Angular developers avail transitional testing tools so they can refactor and fasten their applications. In this way, they do not have to spend time going through the code again and again; rather the tests do the work for you.
  • Libraries: Get abundant libraries to support your application development for enhancing app security and reducing bugs. In case of a longer project development cycle, if your team introduces new developers then, they wouldn’t be stuck. Thanks to the Angular libraries and documentation, they can easily get along with the team and your project. 
  • Structure with flexibility: Angular provides exclusive solutions for your project issues with much flexibility and robust security. 
  • Material UI: Angular supported by the official Google library for web and mobile interface components. The Material Design is a powerhouse and it contains 
  • Modular development structure: Modularity and Angular lazy loading are what modern applications are looking for. Your Angular app will require much fewer resources and hence the initial loading time will be eliminated.

Types of Angular App Development

With the benefits above of Angular, you might now be sure about the potential that Angular holds. The versatility of this javascript framework can be portrayed by the different types of applications that can be developed using Angular. Here is a choice of products that you can develop using the Angular framework. The top 6 types of Angular Applications: 

Single Page Applications

As the name affirms, a one-page application that depicts dynamic information in an interactive manner. An incredible user experience as compared to the traditional multi-page websites. The advantage of building SPAs with Angular is the data management and routing capabilities of the framework. 

Scalable Web Apps

Angular’s component-based architecture helps in building scalable applications. Post-developmental scaling with Angular does not harm other parts and the functioning of your application. 

Progressive Web Apps

Apps that adapt the user’s screen, that are quick to access, and don’t need an internet connection are Progressive Web Applications. A PWA will load instantly, and you can develop one using the Angular command “ng add @angular/pwa”.

Animated Interfaces 

In the competitive app market, animations keep the spirits high of the users and the market. Angular has the key to make users love your applications- with the amazing Animation libraries added in its official library set. Developers can create exciting and alluring animations with this module.  

Mobile Apps

You can develop mobile apps of every and any type using Angular. When paired with nativescript and Ionic, it can develop hybrid mobile apps for both operating system platforms- Android and iOS. Many Angular applications are available in eCommerce, social media, travel, video streaming, weather apps, etc. 

SSR Apps

Angular enables you to develop web apps that can be rendered server-side. By executing in this manner, the app will load fast, and it will be prepared with the custom user data required. Also, your Angular SSR app will show good visibility on the search engine results page SERP, which will promote your product or web application. 

Wrap Up

Angular is an ideal open-source framework for developing any type of web application- be it a CMS, banking app, static website, job portals, or eCommerce application. Enterprise apps are highly fruitful when built using Angular. 

The charm of this full-stack framework is that it can be paired with all possible combinations such as Node, Rails, and PhP so serve your expectations with the output. If you have a bright idea, then the best Angular development company will guide you to make your idea a success. 

About the Author: 

Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach and founder of Bacancy Technology. His truly entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise and extensive knowledge in the Agile software development services has helped the organisation to achieve new heights of success. Chandresh is fronting the organisation into global markets in a systematic, innovative and collaborative way to fulfill custom software development needs and provide optimum quality services.  

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