Latest News is Scam or legit? Apple Crypto Store FullReview

In recent years, the popularity of online shopping has soared, thanks to its convenience and competitive prices. However, this trend has also led to a surge in scam websites targeting unsuspecting shoppers.

One such website is, an online retailer of Apple products that accepts cryptocurrency payments. The question arises: is Applebitcoins a legitimate platform or a scam? In this thorough Applebitcoins review, we will carefully assess various factors to help you decide whether to trust Applebitcoins or steer clear of it. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details and uncover the truth about Applebitcoins.

Applebitcoins is an online Apple retailer that provides customers with the opportunity to purchase the latest iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and accessories using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The website claims to offer the best deals on premium Apple products while ensuring secure transactions without the need for credit card details. While the initial impression of Applebitcoins appears promising, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive review to determine its trustworthiness.

Website Appearance:

Upon visiting Applebitcoins, it becomes apparent that the website resembles any other reputable ecommerce store that sells Apple devices. The site boasts a professional design, complete with high-quality product images and detailed descriptions, creating an impression of legitimacy.

Customer Reviews:

When examining the customer experience, it’s important to delve deeper than the surface. The feedback from customers regarding Applebitcoins is a combination of positive and negative reviews, though the majority are positive. Many customers commend the website for its user-friendly navigation, prompt delivery, and exceptional customer service. However, there are occasional negative reviews mentioning delivery delays and slow communication from the company’s customer service. Nonetheless, the overall positive feedback indicates that most customers are satisfied with their purchases, lending credibility to Applebitcoins.

Company Response:

Applebitcoins has addressed negative reviews by asserting its legitimacy as a business and offering assistance to customers with concerns. This response indicates that the company is proactive in addressing customer issues, potentially adding credibility to its claims.

Contact Information:

Based on thorough research, the address provided by has been verified and is indeed the main office of Applebitcoins in the UK.

This address is registered as the official business location of Applebitcoins in the UK. Furthermore, the phone number provided is valid and corresponds to Applebitcoins’ business operations.

These factors contribute to establishing Applebitcoins as a legitimate business with a valid address and phone number for customers to contact.

Products Price:

Based on our research, AppleBitcoins offers relatively affordable prices for their products.

But why? Is this a red flag?

The answer is: they source their products from countries where Apple products are comparatively cheaper, such as the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates.

These products are then sold to customers in exchange for cryptocurrency. It is true that in certain countries, you can find Apple products priced 300-400 $ lower than in other countries.

Domain History:, has been operating for over 2 year since its registration in November 2021.

Although the domain history is relatively short, it is not uncommon for legitimate websites to have a similar timeline. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate other factors when assessing the credibility of Applebitcoins.

Payment Methods:

Applebitcoins proudly embraces the future of digital currency by exclusively accepting cryptocurrency payments, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.

This unique shopping experience sets them apart from traditional payment methods like cash, credit cards, and PayPal. While some may find this approach unconventional, it adds an extra layer of security and convenience for those who prefer the flexibility and privacy that cryptocurrencies offer.

It’s worth noting that while there have been occasional negative reviews about the limited payment options, the overwhelming majority of customers have expressed their satisfaction with Applebitcoins’ seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

The platform has received more than +350 positive reviews on one of the most reputable cryptocurrency processors,

In addition to, Applebitcoins also accepts payments through other famous cryptocurrency payment processors like Coinbase Commerce, and BTCPAY. These partnerships with multiple payment processors demonstrate Applebitcoins’ commitment to offering its customers safe and reliable payment options.


While Applebitcoins presents itself as a legitimate online retailer of Apple products, it is important to exercise caution and conduct a thorough review before making any purchases.

Considering the mix of positive and negative customer reviews, it is advisable to weigh the risks and benefits carefully.

By examining the customer experiences, website appearance, and the company’s response to feedback, one can make an informed decision regarding Applebitcoins’ trustworthiness.

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