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Apple Vision Pro Adds JD Apps And Alibaba for Launch In China

Apple Inc. has announced that China’s two largest online retailers, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Inc., will support its mixed-reality Vision Pro headset, which is set to go on sale this Friday. 

TakeAway Points:

  • Alibaba and provide vital support for Apple’s Vision Pro headset, improving user experience with customised apps.
  • Following a difficult introduction in the US market, the Vision Pro will make its debut on June 28 in China, Japan, and Singapore.
  • Though notable absences such as Netflix and Amazon, Vision Pro’s appeal in China may be enhanced by the app support provided by Alibaba and

Support for Vision Pro App

This move is seen as crucial for the $3,500 Vision Pro’s market success, especially after its rocky start in the US. 

Alibaba’s Taobao app will offer virtual test drives of Xiaomi cars and simulate various makeup looks, enhancing the user experience through its native app for the headset. has launched a JD.Vision app that allows users to virtually place products in their homes, aided by an AI chatbot.

The inclusion of these apps is significant as it highlights the importance of app support for Vision Pro’s adoption. Apple has also confirmed that Tencent Video, the Chinese equivalent of Netflix, will support the device. However, Netflix Inc. has decided against creating a bespoke app for the Vision Pro, directing users to navigate via Apple’s Safari browser instead. 

Similarly, Inc. has not produced a tailored app for the headset. The support from Alibaba and is expected to provide a boost to Vision Pro’s appeal in the Chinese market.

Vision Pro Market Expansion

The Vision Pro headset is slated to debut in China, Japan, and Singapore on June 28, following its initial US launch in February. This expansion comes after the device spurred a major sales premium for imported units in overseas markets. 

However, the initial excitement quickly waned, and the gadget was available for less than its US retail price in Hong Kong stores within weeks. The Vision Pro has struggled to generate significant sales so far, making its upcoming launch in new markets a critical test for its commercial viability.

The mixed-reality headset, priced at $3,500, aims to offer a unique user experience by integrating virtual and augmented reality features. Despite the high price point, Apple is banking on the device’s advanced technology and the support of key apps to drive adoption. The addition of Alibaba and’s apps is expected to enhance the user experience and potentially boost sales in new markets.

Competitive Market

The Vision Pro’s market performance will be closely watched, especially in comparison to other tech giants. Netflix’s decision not to create a bespoke app for the headset and Amazon’s similar stance highlight the challenges Apple faces in securing widespread app support. In contrast, Alibaba and’s commitment to developing tailored apps for the Vision Pro underscores the potential for strong partnerships in the Chinese market.

The competitive landscape for mixed-reality headsets is evolving, with companies like Microsoft and Google also investing in similar technologies. Apple’s ability to secure app support from major players like Alibaba and could provide a competitive edge. However, the lack of support from other major platforms like Netflix and Amazon may limit the Vision Pro’s appeal to a broader audience.

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