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Apple Prepares AI Features For iPhoneOS 18

Apple and Google are in discussions to integrate Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) engine inside the iPhone, according to Bloomberg News.

TakeAway Points:

  • Apple makes plans for iPhoneOS 18
  • Apple and Google are in active negotiations to use Gemini to power a few of the features that the iPhone will be releasing this year.
  • Apple is also considering utilising the OpenAI model.

Apple Seeks Partner for iPhoneOS 18

Gemini is Google’s generative AI toolkit, including chatbots and coding assistance.

Based on its in-house AI models, Apple is preparing new features for its future iPhone OS 18. According to the report, it seeks a partner to power generative AI features, such as the ability to create images and write essays in response to basic cues.

The Bloomberg report points out that the tech giants have not concluded the discussion, and it is doubtful that the agreement would be disclosed before June, when Apple is scheduled to hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

“The two parties have not decided the terms or branding of an AI agreement or finalised how it would be implemented,” Bloomberg wrote.

In addition, the report stated that Apple recently had talks with OpenAI and has considered utilising its methodology.

Meanwhile, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, stated last month that the business is “substantially” investing in the field and that it will reveal more information about its intentions to employ generative AI later this year.

Previous Partnership

According to Reuters news, Apple and Google already have an existing partnership that allows Google to be the default search engine for Apple’s Safari web browser.

Regulators, however, have been scrutinising the merger since the US and its state allies claim Google illegally suppressed competition by giving billions of dollars to Apple and other business partners so that their search engine would be the default on the majority of phones and mobile devices.

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