Apple/ Meta/ WIMI accelerated layout of metaverse

Metaverse was on the forefront of public opinion in 2021. The metaverse is just like all the new born things which undergoing the condemn from cynics and being looked at coldly by others. Accompanying with the clearly proposed digital strategy of the China’s The 14th Five-Year Plan, more and more enterprises join the trending of digital transformation to lay out the metaverse.

Digital economy needs to be accompanied by digital governance. With the increasing combination of information technology and economic society, especially the acceleration of digital innovation and integration, and the strong development of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, the problem of digital governance has also increased correspondingly, and its complexity is far more than before.

In this year’s Chinese government work report, “promoting the development of digital economy” has become an important part of the government’s work in 2022, and put forward implementation measures from the construction of digital information infrastructure, promoting the large-scale application of 5G, promoting the digital transformation of industry, and accelerating the development of industrial Internet.This is the fifth time that the digital economy has been included in the government work report. During the NPC and CPPCC sessions, the digital economy has once again become a hot topic among representatives, who have made suggestions to making China’s digital economy stronger, better and bigger.

In fact, the two sessions have always been the stage for new technologies.From the previous popular smart glasses, to the virtual host, to 5G holographic remote screen interview platform, 8K live, 5G + XR virtual interview, this year’s digital anchor “immersive” broadcast two sessions has become the “new favorite” media.With the rapid development of 5G, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other new generation of information technology, the communication form of the two sessions is constantly updated.In the future, the two sessions are really likely to be held simultaneously in the virtual space simultaneously.

Jianqiu Zeng said that, we emphasized the construction of network facilities in the past, but now we put more emphasis on numbers. In fact, we need to expand 5G applications, or specifically, to widely apply the new generation of information technology represented by 5G.By emphasizing the concept of number, the degree of digitalization and informatization of China’s industry will be further improved.

At present, China’s digital information infrastructure construction is progressing steadily. Take 5G as an example, according to data released by Yaqing Xiao, the minister of Industry and Information Technology, at the second session of the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress on March 8, The total number of 5G base stations in China has exceeded 1.425 million, and the number of actual connected users has also exceeded 500 million. Many scenes are constantly emerging.In the future, efforts should be made in the construction of base stations. By 2022, the number of 5G base stations will exceed 2 million, and at the same time, further expand and enrich the application scenarios, and do a good job in promotion and leading the demonstration.

Therefore, metaverse technology leads the transformation of business form, and also shakes or subverts the current business pattern. In the long run, the industry in the next decade will lay the foundation for the choice of short-term direction. Enterprises that want to continue to rely on traditional business to promote their development will be completely submerged by the flood of digitalization.

Technology giants accelerate the layout, and the metaverse is expected to bring the development of the digital economy to new heights

Metaverse is an integrated innovation and fusion application based on the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality and other technologies, which is expected to bring the development of digital economy to a new height.

In addition, as Meta’s VR product Oculus Quest 2 breaks the sales threshold of tens of 10 million units in 2021, after the certain accumulation of infrastructure, it can truly promote the implementation of new technologies and continuous iteration, which also needs the support of content ecology.This is closely related to the current development of the main forces of the meta-universe.

To put it simply, on the one hand, Internet giants focus on the investment layout of VR / AR terminals, on the other hand, they also focus on content developers and other content developers.In the three major markets of China, America and Japan, head players including Meta, Apple, SONY and Byte are all involved in hardware devices, content and software developers to promote the technology research and development of virtual experience from two aspects. For companies with different positioning, the balance of technology exploration and commercialization is becoming a key proposition.

1. Meta

Zuckerberg said the metaverse is the next frontier, and from now on, the company will put the metaverse first, not Facebook first.Meta is a comprehensive giant, focusing on the layout in four directions: hardware entry, underlying architecture, artificial intelligence, content and scene.

2. Apple

News has recently emerged that Apple is developing a VR headset that has begun to pay off. Presumably, this will be an industry-disruptive AR / VR hybrid reality headset, and Apple has made no secret of its belief in the future of AR. And there’s a lot of XR job openings on Apple’s website. It can be seen that Apple’s development of XR business is not a separate direction, but the construction of the full ecology, from UI to software and hardware, and so on.

3. ByteDance

ByteDance takes social networking and entertainment as the entry point, and makes simultaneous efforts in domestic and overseas markets based on the advantage of short video traffic. Meanwhile, it has acquired the head VR startup Pico to make up for the hardware shortcomings. According to the six components of our meta-universe research framework, ByteDance focuses on hardware entry (acquisition of Pico), underlying architecture (investment code, dimension video), content and scene (short video, games, VR social).

4. Netease

Based on diversified products and based on user needs, Netease continues to attach importance to research and development investment. After long-term technology accumulation, it has owned the world’s leading technology reserves in VR, AR, artificial intelligence, engine, cloud games, blockchain and other metaverse related fields, and fully has the technology and ability to explore and develop the metaverse.

5. WIMI Hologram

WIMI Hologram is one of the outstanding enterprises in the global holographic AR cloud industry, with the world’s leading holographic AR cloud platform. Although WIMI Hologram has many peers, its innovative capabilities in holographic AR technology make it unique in product terms. It is reported that WIMI Hologram focuses on product research and development, content convergence, application innovation and other aspects, increase 5G business and terminal innovation, promote ecological cooperation in cloud VR, cloud AR, holographic technology and other technologies, help 5G scene quickly landing, improve consumers’ better experience, help enterprises reduce costs, meet the needs of beautiful digital culture, and build a metaverse ecology.

In short, in the meta-cosmic boom, strengthening regulation and encouraging innovation must be in parallel.On the one hand, to encourage innovation to seize the future digital economy; on the other hand, to study the universe in tourism, trade and culture, explore more application scenarios, and find a new track for the industry.

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