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App of the Month: Toffin App’s Smart F & B Solutions

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable evolution in the thriving coffee business, often without even realizing it. Thanks to constant technological advancements, the coffee industry continues to push the boundaries, opening up endless possibilities for improvement. With their deep understanding of different coffee beans, brewing methods, and roasting techniques, devoted coffee lovers can attest to the vast array of flavors that can be achieved. Not only has the coffee industry successfully turned its values into a lifestyle, but it’s also deeply intertwined with social culture, making a considerable impact on society. The existence of specialized coffee shops and even a variety of aesthetically pleasing cafes can entice people passionate about coffee to visit and enjoy the unique ambiance while brewing their preferred coffee with their family and friends. Additionally, due to the introduction of new technology in this sector, brewing and serving coffee has been significantly simpler for owners of cafes or baristas, making it easier for them to create flavors that appeal to their customers. This immediate digital era has the potential to be implemented in the food and beverage business in the best way possible.

Coffee Industry Trends

Based on data from the Indonesia Coffee Annual Report 2019, Global Agricultural Information, every year the number of people consuming coffee always increases. Looking from 2015 to 2020, the increase reached 13.9%. We can see that many people are aware and have made coffee consumption a lifestyle. This is all also influenced by technological advances which have succeeded in making this industry better known in the market. The presence of the digital era has changed many industries, including the food and beverage sector, especially coffee. On the other hand, the integration of digital technology in the coffee industry has opened up a world of opportunities.

Digital platforms and applications enable coffee businesses to interact with their customers on a more personal level, offering promotions, loyalty programs and interactive experiences. Additionally, online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms enable coffee businesses to reach a global audience, expanding their customer. However, apart from these benefits, the digital era also brings challenges. Maintaining a positive online presence and managing public relations have become important tasks that require constant monitoring. Coffee businesses must always keep up with the latest technology trends and consumer preferences to remain competitive.

To maintain this good reputation, several successful entrepreneurs operating in the F & B industry, especially coffee, say that maintaining consistency of taste is the most important factor that must be focused on because this has an effect on building characteristics of coffee for each store. That is why businessmen consider having a coffee machine to be a big investment for the long term of their business. The coffee machine is the key to success when the company wants to present a consistent and high quality taste of the product because it helps business to support customer orders, both quantity and quality.

Due to technological advances, an application has emerged that is one step ahead from other applications. This application is a solution for F & B entrepreneurs, named Toffin App. Not only provides a product to sell, this application also provides various services with complete features.

Get to Know More About Toffin App


Founded in 2007, Toffin Indonesia first started its journey as an importer of Cappuccine products from America and only had an office in one house. Seeing its journey to having an office building in 2017 and now in 2023, Toffin Indonesia continues to work hard to be a solution for your business. There are problems with every growth, especially when you think that only some are ready for fast technological changes. Several people don’t want to grow with technology because they are worried about data security, systems that are hard to understand, and need more resources. The Toffin App looks good and is easy to use. This app has gained popularity as a solution for food and drink businesses, and some of its benefits are:

Personalized Orders

Artificial Intelligence Technology Recommendations

This feature has the ability to be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology which can help you by providing recommendations or suggestions for certain problems such as providing tool recommendations or for those of you who need menu recommendations. A wide range of menu options can be adapted to meet your specific requirements or market trends because Toffin Indonesia has a menu development service, you can use this feature to solve simple problems.

 Service Credit Feature

Toffin Indonesia does more than just sell goods as their products. They also offer services like training for baristas and maintaining machines or repairs through the Oven. Toffin Indonesia has a program to help baristas improve their skills so they can add more value to the café or restaurant. The main points of this class are learning about coffee, how coffee machines or gelato machine work, and how to make good quality drinks. You can use this function like an e-wallet. You just need to top up whenever you want. It’s also safer to use this method.

Interactive Features

Seeing market trends that change very quickly, running a business in the F & B sector takes more work. Let’s say you suddenly have trouble with the product or something else you want to talk about. In that case, you can choose an expert or sales representative to ask questions and discuss in the live chat feature. This consultation provided by Toffin Indonesia is one of its benefits because you can also make a video call to discuss. Toffin Indonesia consultants have more than ten years of experience supporting various types of businesses. If you are stuck in your business or want to start one, you can consult them to choose the wise steps. Your satisfaction is their priority.

Toffin Personal Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Easy Tracking

The “Easy Tracking” feature refers to the ability of a system or application to simplify the tracking or monitoring process. With this feature, users can easily and efficiently track the status, location or progress of an item, transaction or activity. For example, in the context of package delivery, the “Easy Tracking” feature allows customers to quickly find out the status and location of their packages with just a few clicks or through real-time notifications. Overall, “Easy Tracking” provides an effective and intuitive solution for users to monitor relevant information more efficiently.

Warranty & Maintenance Services

This feature refers to the services provided by Toffin Indonesia to guarantee the quality, reliability and performance of your machine or oven. A warranty usually covers a specified period of time after purchase during which Toffin Indonesia will repair or replace a damaged or defective product at no additional cost. The main purpose of the guarantee is to give consumers confidence that the products they purchase have a high quality standard and that Toffin Indonesia is responsible for any Issues  that may arise.

This feature adds an additional layer of after-sales support. These maintenance services usually include routine inspections, repairs, or regular maintenance to ensure that the product functions optimally throughout its lifetime. With maintenance services, consumers can ensure that their products remain in the best condition and have the potential to have a longer service life.

With offices spread across 18 major cities in Indonesia, Toffin Indonesia pays close attention to services such as after-sales, which it provides through maintenance, machine or oven spare parts repairs and routine checks. You can contact customer service right away through the Toffin app if something goes wrong with the coffee or gelato machine you bought. This feature shows Toffin Indonesia’s commitment to providing added value to consumers, ensuring customer satisfaction, and building a reputation as a provider of high quality products.

Toffin App on Play Store :

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1. What is the Toffin App?

Toffin App is an application that supports the food and beverage industry, especially the coffee industry. The application has many innovative features that will make it easier for you to run your business. Starting with product sales services, after-sales, developing barista skills, menu development, and business consulting. This is a solution application for your business.

2. Can the Toffin App be accessed in various regions?

Yes, the Toffin application is generally designed to be accessible anywhere and anytime worldwide. You can download it from Google Play store or the App Store. This application will also help you to provide recommendations according to your needs. Toffin App also designed for various business scales.

 3. Why should I choose the Toffin App?

Some of the advantages of the Toffin App are in its system, which is assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, such as Personalized Orders, Artificial Intelligence Technology Recommendations, Credit Service Features, Interactive Features, Toffin Personal Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Easy Tracking, and Warranty & Maintenance Services.

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