Apiens NFT Ownership Rights That You Need to Know About

Most NFT enthusiasts carefully study ownership rights before investing in NFTs. Experts consider ownership rights to determine whether people should trust the respective NFT or not. With Apiens introducing blockchain-integrated clothing, people are still unsure whether it would be a good idea to invest in its NFTs. But the founders are providing a list of ownership rights that may make you change your decision and invest in it as soon as the NFTs launch. Here are a few details about the ownership rights that you should know about:

  • The founders plan to implement their commercialization plan that involves derivative rights and ownerships of NFTs to make Apiens a globally reputable and trustworthy decentralized fashion brand. Once you buy something from Apiens, you can proudly show it off to everyone. “Apiens” is the intellectual property and the rights specifically go to the Apiens users and holders. The intellectual property rights cover almost every aspect of the brand, such as 3D layer files, smart contract code, user interface, trademarks, logos, names, website, and images. If you see anyone replicating any of the above details that even remotely represent Apiens, you shouldn’t hesitate to inform the other community members and the founders.
  • The commercial rights would make you want to invest in Apiens right away. But there’s still time for that as the founders have not announced the launch date yet. As per the bylaws, anyone who mints an Apiens NFT from the smart contract becomes a part of the Apiens community. This would immediately give you the right to use the NFT as a pfp, trade it, or sell it. Additionally, you can use the NFT to merchandise it to unlimited amounts whenever the sale of physical merchandise takes place. This allows you to earn as much as you want annually from the merchandise sales using these NFTs.
  • Apiens provides various ways for the members to earn revenue throughout the year. When the founders started planning this project, they had a vision that the members would not just benefit from the sale of the merchandise; they would also find opportunities to use the brand and make money. However, you should follow the restrictions laid down by the founders when creating derivatives. For example, you shouldn’t mint any version of Apiens or derivatives that would replicate the brand’s style.
  • Finally, the brand allows you to exchange, sell, or hold the NFTs according to your requirement. But if you decide to sell the NFT, you need to pay taxes from the sale proceeds. Moreover, you cannot use these tokens for any licensed material from Apiens in connection to anything that may be abusive, fraudulent, hateful, obscene, unlawful, threatening, and profane.

With so many benefits and rights ready to enjoy, wouldn’t you want to invest in Apiens NFTs? If yes, follow the project on Twitter and wait for the founders to announce the launch date.

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