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Apex Legends News

Apex Legends is a mind-blowing battle royale shooter game created by Respawn Entertainment. In this game, players have to make two or three squads and choose from characters with unique strengths known as Legends. It is set in the identical universe as the Titanfall series. This game is available on the platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, etc. Apex Legends has got appreciation, especially for its gameplay. Recently we have got an update regarding this battle royale game. In this article, we will tell you about the Apex Legends News regarding the character of Pathfinder. 

The origin story of Pathfinder is ultimately revealed through an animated short video. So below you can see all the details regarding this Apex Legends News: 

Origin Of Pathfinder 

Apex Legends have plenty of characters, and Pathfinder is one of the best. Earlier, the backstory of this Recon Legend was a mystery for the fans. So, recently an official Apex Legends short film was released by GoldenLane Studio on their YouTube channel. This short film revealed the truth behind robot Pathfinder’s origin. Finally, you can know the reason behind his making and about his creators. The short film shows that Pathfinder is a modified MRVN created as a part of Project iRiS. A group of scientists made this robot to solve an Energy crisis in the Outlands. Pathfinder’s creators were Dr. Conan Shelley, Dr. Anastasia Oliveira, Newton Somers, Professor Milly Delgado, Dr. Aleki Gibraltar, Dr. Amélie Paquette, Dr. Ashleigh Reid, and Dr. Armen Fletcher. The scientists succeeded in finding the solution for the crisis that is a material named Branthium. 

Later, Pathfinder and his creators were attacked by Dr. Ashleigh Reid and his team. Reid was also one of the creators of Pathfinder, and he later becomes one of the Apex Predators named Ash. Reid and his team captured the scientists to take all the Branthium in their control as it is powerful. But the group of scientists defeats Reid. In the end, the scientists had to sacrifice themselves to save the Branthium from other enemies. They destroyed the Phase Runner with them inside. You can watch the short film of Pathfinder’s origin here:

Other Details About Pathfinder 

Now you have learned about the origin of Pathfinder through the short film, there are still a lot of things left to know about him. He was booted up decades ago in a deserted laboratory with no idea who built him or why. Then, Pathfinder went on the journey to find his creator. The good thing is that finally, the fans get to know about his origins in the short film. Apart from this, Pathfinder is a Legend in Apex Legends game whose moniker is Forward Scout. He is intelligent and has a sweet nature. This robot can easily understand the mind of anyone and is much effective in a career or volunteer activity. Below you can see the different abilities of Pathfinder:

  • Zipline Gun

A zipline gun helps Pathfinder and his team members to reach above-ground places. He gets out of many difficult situations using this gun. 

  • Boxing Gloves

Pathfinder uses a pair of special boxing gloves to beat his enemies. The gloves also have a tiny emoji screen that changes when he heals or knocks someone. 

  • Grappling Hook

Pathfinder has a grappling hook that helps to reach him at difficult places instantly.

  • Insider Knowledge

Scanning survey beacons help Pathfinder to reduce the cooldown of his Zipline Gun.  

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