Aohi’s Magcube 65W Wall Charger is one of the best tech accessories for 2022

After a lot of investigation and testing on technology accessories, we found that the products developed by a new smart brand Aohi last year are very competitive. It can be said that its magcube 65W charger is one of the best technology accessories for 2022. Let us take a look.

After Aohi launched its first product- the world’s smallest 30W charger, it quietly released a blockbuster new product that deserves more attention—Magcube 65W. The product has achieved a smaller size and greater power, and further breakthroughs in built-in chips and materials.

USB-C Power Delivery, Super Fast charging

Magcube 65W wall charger is equipped with USB-C power delivery, it fully charges the MacBook pro13 in 1.5 hours, charges the iPhone 12 for 60% in just 30 minutes, which is 4 times faster than the Apple 5w portable charger.

Compatible with all equipment, one is enough

Aohi’s magcube 65W supports many fast charge protocols, including PD2.0, PD3.0, QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0+, PPS, Apple 2.4 and BC1.2. It was meticulously built and tested to identify your electronic devices automatically, then update the setting, to ensure your battery’s durability and safety. It is superior to fully charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, switch, Bluetooth headset, and other accessories.

Powered by lastest GaN Tech, Ultra Small

Based on the rich and innovative technology research and development, Aohi updated the latest gallium nitride into Magcube 65W charger, which makes it 60% smaller than the Apple original 61W charger but can push out nearly the same amount of power.

Real-time Power digital Display

The coolest accessory of Magcube 65W charger, it could help to monitor the charging speed directly with the exclusive visible cable, you can see the charging input power more intuitively.

Visible safe and fast charging

It is so amazing that an indicator light is equipped in such a mini charger, which makes it convenient to check charging status. It is the unique remark of Aohi’s magcube series. When it comes to the Amber breathing light, it indicates your device is under fast charging status; solid blue under standard charging status, and solid green under trickle charging status.

So many outstanding product performances make me fall in love with using it. It can effectively replace all other power bricks and wall chargers. This is ideal for travel, as all those other bulky wall chargers can be left at home.

Where could you buy it?

Aohi Official Website or US Amazon Store

About Aohi

Aohi, an independent brand of listed company Aohai technology(stock code: 002993), aims to apply innovative techniques to develop charging devices, to provide complementary and valued added smart devices, services and solutions to charging industry.

To charge, to explore, Aohi is dedicated to empowering the smart world and delivering an exceptional smart life experience.

Media contact:

Cathy Zeng

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