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Anxious Andy, A UK mental health campaigner, has claimed that mental health services left him feeling isolated and without any help.

Andy Horner, also known as “Anxious Andy,” a mental health campaigner with a history of severe mental health issues, has said that he attempted to take his own life after being “ignored” by a team designed to support people in crisis. Andy Horner, who is known for his activism on social media, claims that he reached out to the Single Point of Access (SPA) in his local area multiple times, but was told they could not help him and that he would need to see his GP instead.

“Mr. Horner says that he tried to get help before sending a farewell message to his loved ones. However, no one supported him, and ambulance teams had to be called to his home. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors determined that he may have suffered permanent damage to his neck and back. He expresses frustration at the fact that he believed calling a team of mental health professionals would have prevented him from ending up in the hospital.

Mr. Horner has been discharged from the hospital and is disappointed that he has not received any follow-up care from mental health support teams. He feels that those with mental health issues are not given the same level of attention and treatment as those with physical health issues. He is concerned about what to do when support is not available from a basic 9-5 day.

In the UK, the mental health system is causing concern for individuals struggling with their mental health. This is particularly true for those facing rising living costs, which can lead to increased anxiety and depression. Many are worried about how they will pay for basic necessities such as housing, transportation, and food. Mr. Horner has lodged a complaint with the trust and is awaiting a response.

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