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About Drama: 

Another blockbuster drama on Indian television is Anupama, which airs on Star Plus. So far, 700 episodes have been finished, according to estimates. People enjoy this story because they admire this mother’s efforts; who works tirelessly for her husband and children. This play’s director and producer have worked tirelessly to ensure its success. When it comes to leading roles, Anupama does a fantastic job.

Anupama, who sacrifices her ambitions and aims to raise her family, is disheartened when she receives no recognition for her efforts and struggles. She then resolves to live her life on her terms. Anupama, the drama serial, is the most-watched drama on Indian television. You’ve probably seen a lot of love tales, but this one is about a woman who is willing to give up everything for the sake of her family.


Anupama is a gorgeous housewife. She adores her children and husband, but her family does not treat her with the dignity she deserves. Her spouse believes Anupama is a poor family girl. Vanraj used to be in a relationship with a lady from his university, but they broke up. Vanraj got married to Anupama. Is it, however, appropriate to treat Anupama in this manner? No, Anupama one day discovers her husband with her ex-girlfriend Kavya. But she remains mute mainly for the sake of her children and to avoid breaking into her house.

Anupama prepares excellent cuisine. Therefore she resolves to do something for herself and move on. As a result, she will pursue a career as a cooking instructor. Will she be successful? Of course, yes. Samar, Anupama’s son, constantly respects and loves his mother, believing that a woman like her is fortunate.

Will Anupama’s sacrifices force her spouse to be kind to her? Or the detachment that comes with adopting Anupama. You will indeed watch the next show to see all of this.

Cast of drama serial

The cast of drama is :…

∙       Rupali Ganguly as Anupaman

∙       Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey)

∙       Pakhi aka  (Sweetyas Muskan Bamne)

∙       Samar (Paras Kalnawat)

∙       Paritosh aka Toshu (Aashish Mehrotra)

∙       Kavya (Madalsa Sharma)

What will happen in the latest episode of Anupama?

There will be a new twist in the upcoming episode of the drama series Anupama. You’ll have to wait and see if Anupama marries Anuj or stays in touch with her ex-husband. When her best friend chastises her for frequently praising her ex-husband, she becomes enraged since Anupama said I didn’t say anything. That’s what you’re accusing me of. Is Anupama going to marry? You got to watch the upcoming episodes to see this. If you want to see all of the episodes, go to Hotstar.


1-Where can we watch Anupama?

If you want to view all of the latest and prior episodes, you may do so on Disney Hotstar.

2-Is the Anupama series being remade?

Anupamaa is a remake of the Bengali show Sreemoyee, in which Indrani Halder appeared. The show is also available in Marathi as Aai Kuthe Kay Karte. Anupamaa is one of the most popular television serial.

3-Why Anupama is so famous?

Anupamaa, a Star Plus Desi Serial, is not only popular with viewers but also with fans. Anupama in the Anupamaa serial is not only liked but also cherished for her role as an Indian housewife who adores her family. Anupama is considerate to her children, husband, and family, and everyone in general.


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