Antrow Is Helping To Save Time and Effort By Easily Converting MS-Access applications to An Online Web App

Antrow helps convert or migrate the MS-Access databases to Web App, saving time, money, and effort in the process and giving access to the MS-Access Application on any device from anywhere.

Antrow converts/migrate MS-Access databases to a Web App. The company has over 15 years of experience in the field of migrating MS-Access databases to fully functional one-to-one online Web App applications. 

There are several reasons why customers opt for converting or migrating MS Access to Web App. One of the most important reasons for the conversion and migration of MS-Access to a Web App is that companies need to access the MS-Access application of their company 24×7 from anywhere on any device. Due to this reason, there is a growing demand for the conversion and migration of MS-Access applications to a Web App. 

Antrow with its self-developed .Net MS-Access framework offers an extremely fast and cost-effective migration to a Web App. It helps complete this conversion or migration process at a low cost with the same 100% functionality as the Desktop application.

After the migration the customer can access the Web App with a web browser on any device like a local PC, mobile, tablet, or Linux connected to the local network or the Internet. The migrated MS-Access application does not need any MS Office license for each user anymore. Despite being cost-effective, the speed is effective and most of the time better than the Desktop application. 

The converted application can run easily on any platform such as the ISP of the customer’s choice,  Amazon AWS, Azure, Google web service, or on your private cloud or network.

Due to the use of SSL technologies and the free built-in authentication platform, only the SMS Accesselected users of a particular organization will have access to the data. The access to the application can be managed with a built-in authentication platform keeping the data and access to the application safe locally or on the internet.

The Web App supports multiple languages. It comes with an in-built language control center where the customer can manage the language that will be used in the application. 

The converted MS-Access reports will be available as PDF or Excel downloads.

To date, the company has provided its services to over satisfied 500 customers. 

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