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Antimony Trioxide Market Size is Anticipated to Grow at a CAGR of around 5.39% between 2022 and 2032

Antimony Trioxide

Antimony trioxide is an organic chemical compound that occurs naturally in the form of senarmontite and valentinite minerals. Antimony trioxide is one of the best-known commercial antimony compounds. Antimony trioxide is amphoteric in nature and soluble in acids.

In general, the manufacturing process of antimony trioxide occurs in two steps: In the first step, antimony trisulfide reacts with ferrous chloride to form antimony trichloride, which is then hydrolyzed to produce Antimony Trioxide.

Antimony trioxide is mainly used as a flame retardant in various industries, such as in plastics and polymers, especially for wires and cables, textiles, paper, and coatings. Antimony trioxide is also used as a depressant in the processing of glass, enamel, and ceramics.

Antimony trioxide is also used as a catalyst in the vulcanization of rubber and the manufacture of terephthalate polyethylene. Antimony trioxide is also found in some specialty pigments. Antimony trioxide is also used as a flocculant in the manufacture of titanium dioxide.

Antimony trioxide does not act directly as a flame retardant but is used as a synergist to enhance the activity of halogenated flame retardants. Antimony trioxide is used.  Antimony trioxide is suspected of being carcinogenic in the human body.

Antimony Trioxide Market: Segmentation

The global antimony trioxide market can be segmented based on quality, application, and end-use.

The global antimony trioxide market is segmented based on quality:

  • Low Purity Grade (<99%)
  • High Purity Grade (≥99%)

The global antimony trioxide market is segmented by application:

  • Flame retardant
  • Catalyst
  • Pacifying agent

The global antimony trioxide market is segmented by its end-use:

  • Plastics & Polymers
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Textiles
  • Paper industry
  • Coatings

Antimony Trioxide Market – Major Players

Examples of some of the market players operating in the global Antimony Trioxide Market are:

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group, Productos Esebe S.I, Hunan Province Anhua Huayu Antimony Industry Co., Ltd., YoungSun Chemicals Corp., United Mineral & Chemical Corp., Huachang Antimony Industry, ChemicoChemicals Pvt. Ltd., Niknam Chemicals Private Limited, Spirochem LifesciencesPrivate Limited, Samuh Laxmi Chemicals (Bom) P. Ltd. y  Nihon Seiko Co., Ltd. among others.

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