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Anthony Consiglio: High Fashion Model Shows No Signs Of Stopping With New Lifestyle Video

Anthony Consiglio

European Fashion Model Anthony Consiglio, 29-years old, has been bread for success in the ever changing modeling industry for some time now. Since his first gig in High School, Anthony has came ax long way, currently boasting an impressive resume, working with household names like: Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, AKINGS, and even commercial clothing powerhouse, Sears. Hailing from Sayreville, New Jersey, Anthony has utilized his entrepreneurial instincts make it out of his home town, and navigate the modeling industry while simultaneously using his line of work as an opportunity to travel the world year round and indulge in a nomadic lifestyle. Most recently Consiglio modeled for renowned New York Retailer Jimmy Jazz for their spring seasonal drop, appearing on their official website sporting their new apparel. Anthony’s natural youthfulness and slender body type is one of the many reasons for his success in his line of work and why he’s landed so many jobs in print work.

Besides from his modeling endeavors, Consiglio has took it upon himself to dive into multiple industries with one of his more prominent businesses being in the ATM business. His presence can be felt across not only the garden state but parts of New York and Pennsylvania stocking local businesses like: Barbershops, Pizzerias, Diners, Convenience Stores, and more. In addition, he has also found luck in day trading stocks and Crypto Currency. He also works as a public figure utilizing his engaged 60,000 follower audience on Instagram to secure brand deals with the likes of: Rue Des Mauvais, Dior, Miami Luxury Cars, and Stone MGMT. His content consists of his vast travels, brand work, behind the scenes looks into his work life and series of out fits and intimate personal moments.

As of recently, Consiglio has released two travel and lifestyle videos on YouTube. One collaborative with Miami Luxury Cars and one Halloween concept video inspired by “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Anthony Consiglio, displays qualities that of a modern day renaissance man. With his toe in multiple industries Consiglio has managed to maneuver his way smoothly during the initial surge of the pandemic. Not having all his eggs in one basket proved very beneficial. There is no slow down in sight for the multi-talented entrepreneur. From modeling, to Crypto, To Day Trading, Anthony is poised for a big year in 2021. To watch the video(s) click the link below:

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