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Anotoys Collectiverse Partners with AsiaTokenFund to Revolutionize Fandom

Premium Celebrity NFT Launchpad and marketplace partners with top international web3 accelerator & venture builder to power the evolution of pop culture fandom.

6th June 2022, Central, Hong Kong – Anotoys Collectiverse is primed to be the Philippines’ fastest-growing Celebrity NFT launchpad & marketplace, spurred by a new partnership with leading Singapore-based web3 accelerator AsiaTokenFund Group. The two companies aim to kickstart the evolution of fandom through the creation, adoption, and trading of NFTs that provide owners perks in both the metaverse and the real world.

Since its launch in 2022, Anotoys Collectiverse has been growing a diverse ecosystem of digital collectibles officially approved by celebrities. These NFTs, aside from being highly valued works of art, also unlock exclusive access to meet-and-greets, private concerts, functioning avatars and in-game items for an upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, and more. Anotoys Collectiverse has recently debuted its initial roster of Filipino celebrities, with comedian Michael V, rock star Marc Abaya, and social media superstars Team Kramer all dropping a selection of NFTs. 

According to Anotoys President and CEO Oscar G. Tan-Abing Jr., The goal is to expand this next level of fandom to celebrities and pop culture icons across the globe, and AsiaTokenFund Group will play a crucial role in realizing this vision.

“AsiaTokenFund Group has a rich history of success and it’s evident from the trust of top global partners such as Huboi Global, Tron, Binance, and OKX, among others,” Tan-Abing, says. “As a leading web3 accelerator and venture builder, they have successfully launched numerous projects and raised more than $200M USD while building strong global communities in just a very short period of time.”

“We can see that AsiaTokenFund Group’s global network and expertise in web3 will surely accelerate the growth of Anotoys Collectiverse’s mission of becoming the world’s leading fandom ecosystem. Starting with our celebrity licensed NFT launchpad and marketplace, this partnership will help us mass onboard even more celebrities and fans on the metaverse,” he adds.

Originally established in 2017 as a blockchain media platform, AsiaTokenFund Group has grown to become one of the most influential growth accelerators in the industry, with an international presence reaching web3 companies in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and the USA. Forming partnerships and joint ventures with over 100 blockchain organizations, the company has provided end-to-end solutions for a wide variety of successful blockchain projects. In 2021 alone, AsiaTokenFund Group helped more than 30 DeFi, NFTs, and P2E projects launch to market.

“We have decided to work with Anotoys Collectiverse because we see a short-term and long-term real-life use case in web3 transformation of collectors and fandom segment,” says Ken Nizam, co-founder and CEO of AsiaTokenFund Group. “It has always been AsiaTokenFund’s mission to help traditional web2 companies transit into web3 through carefully curated tokenisation and NFT economies.”

“In the partnership, AsiaTokenFund will support Anotoys Collectiverse as its blockchain advisor to navigate into the tokenisation ecosystem and transition from primary market to secondary markets. At the end of the day, we would like to see Anotoys Collectiverse focus on delivering their product and allowing users to enjoy their exciting fandom and collectors’ web3 ecosystem as soon as possible,” he shares.

With Anotoys Collectiverse’s spirit of innovation and AsiaTokenFund’s years of expertise in helping web3 companies grow, the two look to be an unstoppable combination in the web3 space. The very nature of fandom is about to enter its next phase, with this dynamic new partnership leading the way.

L to R: Oscar Tan-Abing, Jr., CEO of Anotoys Collectiverse and Ken Nizam, founder of AsiaTokenFund

Anotoys Collectiverse is a premiere celebrity NFT launchpad and marketplace incorporated in Hong Kong. The company specializes in creating collectible NFTs that also provide myriad other experiences for owners, both in real life and the metaverse. For inquiries email 

Anotoys Collectiverse has partnered with notable personalities to create Celebrity-Approved NFTs, which are made available in its marketplace. It is an entry point for all stars to the metaverse and beyond.

The company produces celebrity-licensed NFTs that go beyond being just digital collectibles. Each item on their safe NFT marketplace also gives owners access to exclusive meet-and-greets, private gigs, and other holder-only physical events. The NFTs are also metaverse-ready, not only ready for display in owners’ virtual homes, but also as functioning avatars or in-game items for our future P2E game partners and also to our upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) game being developed by Anotoys Collectiverse.

As a leading web3 accelerator and venture builder, AsiaTokenFund Group has partnered with various reputable blockchain organisations ranging from marketing agencies to technical development agencies to offer end-to-end solutions to up-and-coming blockchain projects. What started off as one of the largest blockchain media in Southeast Asia, AsiaTokenFund Group has since expanded its offering into one of Asia’s leading web3 incubator, accelerator and venture builder. For more information, Contact Ken Nizam at


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Ken Nizam


Central, Hong Kong

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