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Anonymous BSC Wage War Against Scammers

Launched by a group of anonymous developers, this project is working effectively to create a safe space for investors and their investments.

The investment market is brimming with scammers and fraudsters. Scamming is intolerable and poses a threat to the safety of investors, making them reluctant about putting out their money in the market in cryptocurrencies or other related projects.

The anonymous project was launched to eradicate this problem and create a safe space to have fun while investing without bearing too much risk. This project is created by a team of incognito developers who met after filtering through various channels on Telegram. After combining their skills and working towards a common goal, they launched this dynamic project on the BSC.

What Is Anonymous Project?

The Anonymous Project is a coin launched on BSC. It is a rapidly rising project which hit a 2 Million market cap in a meager time of 2 hours and then 7 Million in just two days. That is quite a revolutionary achievement among new projects. It has now 7000 holders and growing, a secure and functional website, and active social media presence engaging with the community on a regular basis. 

They deal with scammers through their cryptic identity and make sure the investors have full-fledged protection to invest their money. Their goal is to create an example out of scammers who cheat innocent traders. They will force them out through their database and act as a blacklist for the unregulated BSC space.

Anoncoin’s vision for the next five years includes building a global community and launching a product powered by Anoncoin. They will also have an educational database with materials to brush up on the knowledge of new members on the crypto platform. The Anonymous project will also have catalogues constituting records of scammers.

The Team Behind AnonCoin

The name suggests that the names of members are non-disclosed. However, we know that they have a mission to create a spark in people to invest in crypto and make significant profits while maintaining their privacy and security on the online platform.

“We wanted to help the people. We wanted to make this robust platform as well as offer educational opportunities because we saw a huge lack in this area. There are so many people looking for guidance and help otherwise. The scammers are quick to put these people on their radar and drain them through sneaky tricks!” – Anonymous BSC

How Will They Help Investors?

Anonymous BSC will source, track and coerce scammers. This includes those who create contracts,  create suspicious digital wallets, and create a “project” supported community in telegram groups that will entice investors to purchase their coin.  Anonymous BSChas already ousted one scammer to prove their capabilities and made it clear that they will not entangle with people who challenge sovereignty and freedom in the blockchain.

Their model is community-based, where the projects and endeavors are funded by developers and unlock their extraordinary potential through their plans and unique business model. The goal is not to sell products but to provide security and create a global community, more leaning towards investment.


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