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Announcing Walnut Beyond Demos: Boosting B2B Sales Revenue With Unprecedented Intelligence

Boosting B2B Sales Revenue

Walnut, an Israeli-based start-up that has quickly risen to become one of the market leaders in the provision of B2B sales experience tools, has just launched its latest product, Walnut Beyond Demos.

This new product is designed to help sales teams boost revenue by providing them with unprecedented intelligence on their prospects. In particular, it gives sales teams the ability to track user engagement across product demos in real time while providing a wealth of data that customer-facing employees can use to optimize the sales experience.

What is Walnut?

Walnut’s flagship product, the Sales Experience Platform, gives sales teams access to the tools they need to deliver more customer-centric product demonstrations by putting the prospect’s wants, needs, and pain points at the heart of the demo design process.

The platform is built on a no-code foundation, which makes it easy for sales teams to customize each demo to appeal to the unique needs of each customer. This means that reps no longer have to rely on back-end teams such as marketing, IT, or graphic design to make changes to the demo since they can do it themselves in minutes using the Walnut platform.

While the Sales Experience Platform already provides a wealth of analytics and advanced insights to help sales teams improve their product demonstrations, Walnut Beyond Demos takes things one step further by giving them access to never before seen data, as well as a bunch of new features that will help them boost revenue and close more deals.

In-demo communication

Before now, reps typically had to wait until the demo finished to get clear feedback from the prospect about the areas that they were interested in and what they thought about the product. This created bottlenecks in the sales journey and limited the rep’s ability to overcome objections.

Walnut recognized this, which is why they’ve built in-demo communication into Walnut Beyond Demos. This feature allows reps to chat with prospects in real time during the demo, similar to the comment feature in Google Docs.

If the prospect has any questions or is unsure about the use case or value proposition of any features, the rep can simply hop into the chat and clear things up on the spot. This not only helps to improve conversions but also speeds up the sales cycle. Furthermore, reps can personalize and adjust the rest of the product demo on the fly based on the feedback they’re getting from the prospect, ensuring that every single demo is highly relevant to the buyer.

Visual demo flows

Walnut Beyond Demos gives sales teams access to visual demo flows that help paint a picture of how each prospect is interacting with the demo content. The platform captures metrics such as time spent on each page, number of clicks, and cursor movements, which are then represented in an easy-to-understand visual format.

This data can be used to highlight which areas of the demo are resonating with prospects and which areas need to be tweaked. Additionally, the visual demo flows can be used as a training tool for new sales reps or as a way to provide feedback to underperforming reps.

Instant demo scores

As subjective as sales can be, sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of data to back up your gut feeling. Walnut Beyond Demos provides reps with exactly that.

Each demo that sales personnel create is automatically given a score that takes into account a number of factors that determine the success of the demo, such as engagement, conversion rate, and time spent on each page.

This score gives reps a quick way to assess the quality of their demonstration and identify areas that need improvement and also provides an opportunity for best practices to be shared across the sales organization.

CRM integrations

All the data and insights that Walnut Beyond Demos generates are automatically pushed into the sales rep’s CRM, making it easy for them to keep track of their progress and performance. This gives sales teams and other stakeholders a complete overview of the sales process and allows them to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. The platform integrates many popular CRM platforms, including the likes of Salesforce and HubSpot, with plenty more integrations on the way.

Handing power back to the prospects

Just a few months ago, Walnut launched the viral #WeAreProspects campaign, which is a movement that’s all about giving power back to the prospect. Throughout the campaign, the company was quick to point out many of the long-standing issues that have plagued the B2B sales industry.

For example, most B2B sales processes are seller-centric, meaning that they’re designed around what’s best for the sales rep, rather than what’s best for the prospect. This indirectly incentivizes the reps to sell the product, rather than solving the prospect’s problem.

Furthermore, prospects are made to endure painfully long sales cycles. To make matters worse, they usually aren’t given access to the product until late on in the process, which often leads to them being uninterested or even frustrated by the time they finally see the product.

“When exploring to buy SaaS products, you don’t know what the product value is until around the tenth meeting. You often speak to tons of pre-sales, SDRs, and AEs, and then get a generic demo like any other prospect” said Yoav Vilner, CEO of Walnut.

Clearly, Walnut is on a mission to change all of that, and Walnut Beyond Demos is just one of the many ways that the company is looking to empower prospects and make the B2B sales process more buyer-centric than ever before.

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