Announcing the Launch of ISOVerse, A New World Powered by AI and Blockchain

October 2022 -The ISOVerse is a new world that contains billions of objects and is empowered by an AI Blockchain Marketplace. ISO stands for Intelligent Synthetic Objects and this is at the heart of what the ISOVerse provides. The ISOVerse will enable millions of worldwide users to create digital versions of themselves, their businesses, and anything else that they can possibly imagine. 

ISO is far more than geofencing as it utilizes artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide users with an experience that is completely future-proof. The zones that users can create hold value and can be bought, sold, or leased in a fully functioning economy. 

The ISOVerse is a combination of a half dozen revolutionary technologies into one compelling sandbox. ISO is an augmented reality that is combined with artificial intelligence 3.0, geofencing, synthetic collaborative intelligence, and cryptocurrency to provide users with a brave new world of online interaction. This is the result of over 30 years of cutting-edge technology and dozens of patents. The ISOVerse was also built straight from Source. 

The CEO and creator of the ISOVerse, Mike Duke, has stated that “The ISOVERSE is a future where an AI marketplace will drive smart contracts, NFTs that think, AR channels, and the most advanced proof of presence technology in the world. The ISOVERSE will change how the world thinks about everything from social networking (getting paid to share) to day-to-day business commerce. Prepare for WEB 3+ tech that will connect us all in a revolutionary way.”

There are a massive variety of ISO applications that users of the ISOVerse can explore. The Personal ISO is a way for users to stamp their personal mark on the world of the ISOVerse. This enables users to take a selfie with augmented reality technology and apply this selfie to a building or landmark which means a great deal to them. This gives users the chance to become an extended version of themselves. The Business ISO means that a business’s services are no longer limited to the physical location of the business. Business owners can drop an ISO anywhere that promotes their products or services. This means that businesses can develop highly targeted marketing campaigns for specific global markets. 

The memorial ISO allows users to extend their memories of beloved people, animals, and memories. An Augmented Reality image can be used to commemorate virtually anything from a loved one who has passed away to a fond memory of a childhood holiday. The Payplace ISO provides a new form of advanced authentication. This means that users can leave money for other users in the ISOVerse for any purpose in the real world. Using ISOLock and chat-based verification is the safest means of leaving money for someone in the ISOVerse. 

The ISOVerse also has notable benefits for the process of recruitment. Users can deploy an ISO augmented reality version of themselves that can promote themselves to companies on their behalf. This AR version of a person can even answer questions. The ISOVerse uses the mortal AI Marketplace with hundreds of AI engines to provide users with the most accurate versions of themselves possible. 

The ISO economy is powered by ISO Coin. This can be earned just by downloading the free app. Users can also rent or sell their ISO Zones. In this way, users can be generating revenue for themselves based on their activity in the ISOVerse. Users can also submit their AI engines to be featured in the ISOVerse. Users with an AI engine can have their engine featured in the ISOVerse in under 24 hours. 

Users getting in on the ground floor of the ISOVerse will be able to be the first to the gold rush. It is similar to being one of the first people to buy coveted internet domains or property in up-and-coming areas. It is also similar to being one of the first people to buy Bitcoin back before its value skyrocketed by over %7000. 


Media Contact Information:

Name: Mike Duke


State: Georgia

Country: United States



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