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Announcing: The Best Small Business In the World

Business Coaches seek to democratize business coaching, training, and education.

The Best Small Business in the World, a program for small business owners, has just launched on Indiegogo.

Sturdy McKee and Matt Fitzsimmons have teamed up across 2 continents to launch their mission to democratize business coaching, training, and education.

Over 96% of businesses generate less than $1M USD per year, and 99.6% less than $10M, leaving them at a disadvantage when it comes to availing themselves of outside resources, including coaching. And most small business owners start their businesses because they are technically good at something or want to strike out on their own and do things differently. They often have little to no training in business.

“I had a Vision of helping any and every business owner who wants help. I just couldn’t quite figure out how to do that in the beginning,” says Fitzsimmons, who has been coaching business owners for over 20 years. “So I had a think about it and figured I would apply the same principles I use in my coaching. And that’s when the idea of creating a tangible, scalable program came into focus.”

Business and Executive Coaches can charge thousands of dollars each month, some reaching as high as ten to fifteen thousand dollars, and coaching often requires significant time commitments on the part of the owner. Small business owners are running their businesses, occupying the role of the owner-operator. The money and time required to work one on one with a Business Coach can make it all but impossible for the vast majority of small business owners.

“The idea for the program had to include a few key elements,” shares Fitzsimmons, “the tools that bigger businesses use but with far fewer resources at hand, a community of other owners so they can help each other out on their journeys, and some form of access to the coach. And it had to be manageable with the limited time and energy available in the lives of small business owners.” That led Fitzsimmons to start with the three-pronged approach that he and McKee ultimately evolved.

“When Matt came to me with the idea and his Vision for reaching as many business owners as possible, I was immediately intrigued,” says McKee. “I had been trying to write a book for the previous two years, a book that my kids could use to begin their businesses when they got old enough. But what I had just wasn’t working. Then Matt came to me with the perfect format and the key components that should be every business owner’s starting point. I was sold on the spot.”

This isn’t the first time Fitzsimmons and McKee have worked together. “Matt was actually my business coach back in 2010 and 2011,” shares McKee. “He taught me many of the things we’ve included in the book and the program, things that I applied in my businesses, things that worked and that made my businesses easier, simpler, and more profitable.”

The Best Small Business in the World’s BHAG, or Big Hairy Audacious Goal*, is to help 2 Million Small Business Owners around the world. Finding your BHAG is also taught in the program as part of what the pair call a Vision of Meaning, along with the Higher Purpose and Core Values.

“We both knew we couldn’t achieve our BHAG through continued one-on-one coaching alone. We had to figure out a way to get the tools of titans into the hands of more small business owners earlier in their journeys,” says Fitzsimmons. “And that’s why we’ve launched a new product and program in a way that we hope disrupts the way business coaching is delivered.”

About Matt Fitzsimmons.

Matt has coached executives and business owners in eight countries for over 20 years. He is from and resides in, Hamilton, New Zealand. For more details reach out to Matt Fitzsimmons at

About Sturdy McKee.

Sturdy has founded, owned, and grown businesses for over 20 years, making a transition to business coaching, full-time, in 2016. He lives in San Francisco, CA. For more details reach out to Sturdy McKee at

About The Best Small Business in the World.

The Best Small Business in the World is a revolutionary new program to bring business tools, coaching, training, and education to virtually any business owner in the world.

For more about The Best Small Business in the World, please visit the Indiegogo page and the official website.

Watch The Best Small Business in the World – Introduction Video on YouTube.

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