Announcing himself in style on the grids of the business world is an astute entrepreneur, Ferrat Destine.

Ferrat Destine is the founder and owner of Impress Service LLC which has been a one-stop solution for cleaning services.

The humongous growth in the majority of varied sectors of the economy stands as a testimonial for millions of others to see, learn, and replicate the same success stories in the future. Many new and diverse industries, businesses, and sectors have grown exponentially to great extent in the last couple of decades. The number of start-up firms has multiplied by ten folds and the birth of new young budding entrepreneurs has given great impetus to the society and economy at large.

The current golden era of customers has been smart enough to choose and prioritize their needs as per the requirement but so has the new age entrepreneur who has made sure to keep his set of customers on the edge of their fingertips. We came across one true-blue professional and ace entrepreneur who has carved his place and name in the business arena with his proficiency and resilience, Ferrat Destine.

Born on 9th June 1983, in Port au Prince, Haiti, and grown there, Ferrat moved to the US in the mid-2000s. Being inclined towards the entrepreneurial world from a young age, it was a brainer for him to seek his dreams and follow his passion for making it big in the business world. Constantly honing his skills and expertise, Ferrat learned the art and craft of doing business and became an astute professional in no time. Today Ferrat has established himself as one of the most seek and sought-after entrepreneurs in the country.

He is the founder and owner of Impress Service LLC based in New Jersey, the US. Impress Service LLC is a versatile firm in a niche segment of cleaning services. Keeping in mind the community’s needs and offering it with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and advanced products, Ferrat says customer satisfaction is of the prime importance of him and to provide great quality products and services has been their motto.

Ferrat Destine is also a talented author and has written a book named “Inspired for Change,” which is available on Amazon. His inclination towards writing and penning down poems has been something that has given Ferrat peace and solace. He has even collaborated with top media outlets of Haiti and even wrote one of the first Haitian photo novels, with the support of Sogebank named ‘Les Dessou Inavoues.’ His collection of poems, ‘Sentimental Virus,’ promoting Haiti and its culture is also a huge hit among audiences. Ferrat is also a motivational speaker and wishes to reach wide masses by spreading positivity, good cheer and joy among millions. He wishes to inspire many more souls who wish to make their dreams a reality and achieve something big in their lives.

For more information, do follow him on Instagram @destineferrat. 


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