Anna Arkadievna Berkovich

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich


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Berkovich Anna Arkadievna is a well-known figure in education, the founder of the Alibra School brand, and the creator of a unique teaching methodology.

Anna Berkovich: Early life

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna was born in the city that sits on the Neva River. The future entrepreneur was raised in a family of Leningrad power engineers. Anna Berkovich had diverse interests from childhood, including playing the piano, running, skiing, and sledding. 

The language school founder also had a love for outdoor activities. She often went on trips with her sister and father, who also taught her self-defense skills as he himself was involved in martial arts.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich’s character was largely influenced by her father, who dreamed of his daughter graduating from the local polytechnic institute, where several generations of her family before her had studied. Like a number of her relatives, the future entrepreneur also initially decided to study a technical specialty.

Berkovich Anna: Education 

Anna Berkovich studied in a school with a focus on physics and mathematics. In 1992, she graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (today the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University) with a master’s degree in physics and mechanics. As Anna Arkadievna Berkovich has repeatedly shared, she has many fond memories from her student years. She also met her future husband while studying there.

The Anna Berkovich biography, previously associated with the technical field, changed to business and management in the 2000s. In 2006, she graduated from the MBA program at the RANEPA Academy, and then began the DBA program, designed to train top-level managers.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna: Early career path

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich first began showing the makings of an entrepreneur soon after she started college. Together with some other students, she earned money selling xeroxed poetry books. Such publications were rare at the time, so even copies were in high demand. The business began with the distribution of Osip Mandelstam poetry collections, but this endeavor did not prove to be particularly successful. 

The Anna Berkovich biography was linked to business from a young age, and she refused to give up on her dream. She later worked in retail book sales, which brought in a decent income – the aspiring entrepreneur’s daily earnings corresponded to the monthly salary of the typical institute employee.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich was able to navigate through a difficult period in the country’s history, when many goods were scarce, by entering the book trade. The novice entrepreneur hit the nail on the head with the direction she chose. However, it was not easy. She had to distribute books to various outlets early in the morning to make it to class afterwards. And after class, she had to tend to her business again.

Having acquired successful retail experience, she tried other fields, such as selling computer technology and the confectionery business. She was constantly in search of her path.

Anna Berkovich: Biography of the founder of a language school

Berkovich Anna has always been interested in the field of education, and she enjoys the process of learning new things. She learned from her grandmother’s stories about the difficulties her family members faced when trying to get an education in the post-war years. The older generation came up with the idea of organizing a family mutual aid fund so that their children and grandchildren could study at technical schools and institutes, which they put their savings towards. 

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna Berkovich never dreamed of opening her own school, but she came to the idea naturally. She inherited her entrepreneurial spirit from her grandfather, who was a very practical person. The idea of creating a linguistic school came to her when she herself decided to delve into learning English, and she found a number of deficiencies in the various courses and methods she tried. 

Anna Berkovich therefore went abroad to study the language, which inspired her to create a similar educational program tailored to the local audience. She thoroughly examined existing developments in foreign language teaching and tested their effectiveness on herself, thus beginning the lengthy development of her own methodology.

Berkovich Anna invested considerable time and effort into the realization of this idea. She had to learn new things to establish a school with wide-ranging activities. For example, the NPS methodology, which helps determine the level of customer loyalty, was used when creating the school. At first, decisions concerning the project were based solely on Anna Berkovich’s experience and knowledge. Sometimes she relied on intuition, but she eventually realized the need for a more systematic approach.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna: Educational product

The Anna Berkovich biography is inseparably linked with the project she founded, which saw its first linguistics school open in her native St. Petersburg in 2000. The school offered foreign language training using the founder’s unique methodology, and students were immediately impressed by the high-quality education.

In 2002, a branch opened in the capital, and five years later, the company’s headquarters relocated there as well. In 2008, branches were opened in the regions outside the main cities. More modern methods were introduced and new programs began to be implemented, including international exam prep.

Berkovich Anna: Project formation

Anna Berkovich renamed her network to Alibra School in 2010, and the number of branches increased to 15. The school’s specialists developed a phonetic methodology to help improve pronunciation, and the company released special English language materials, including dictionaries and assignments.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna’s original methodology became the basis for a new educational platform created in 2012. Tutorials were prepared for people with different language skills levels, and the company established partnerships with educational platforms in a number of European countries.

The following year, two new schools were opened in two major cities, and the number of graduates increased to 75,000. Thanks to the efforts of the network’s methodologists, a course was created for learning English at an “above average” level within 5 to 8 months. The Cambridge preparation program also expanded, with courses for both adult and child audiences. 

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich

Berkovich Anna

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich did not intend to rest on her laurels, however, and a year later, Chinese language programs of all levels were launched. A special course was also designed for children.

The Anna Berkovich biography includes many successful examples of realizing her own projects, and in 2014, she reached another significant milestone when the Alibra School was recognized as the best international exam-conducting center. In December of that same year, the network’s schools in Kazan were also able to start administering Cambridge exams.

In 2015, two new schools were opened in St. Petersburg. During the same period, the company released its English vocabulary mobile app that teaches through associative learning and spaced repetitions. In 2016, another school was opened in Yekaterinburg and the total number of graduates exceeded 170,000. Branches soon appeared in Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod as well. Alibra School released new smartphone and tablet apps, and its work was recognized by experts and professional competitions.

Anna Berkovich: Online programs

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich’s project saw great success in 2017. Several new schools were opened in various regions, and the Alibra School network expanded to 24 branches overall. That spring, a new app for studying German was released, and the school consolidated its status as an expert in international exams.

The following year, new app programs were created for several languages. In 2019, the first school in Tyumen opened, and the number of graduates grew to 250,000 people.

Berkovich Anna and the project team were granted the right to launch professional retraining programs for teachers, which proved to be another important stage in the life of Alibra School. Also, a textbook with an improved English language program was released, and a new course was launched for students with an “above average” level of language proficiency who want to continue to improve their language skills.

Berkovich Anna had to respond to the changing conditions in 2020, and the school quickly adapted to distance learning. The Alibra Online platform and mobile apps were modernized, and Berkovich Anna’s project significantly expanded its online presence.

Anna Berkovich decided to step down from her position as project leader during this period. She had founded the successful Alibra Online network and attracted like-minded people who continue to develop the language school.

Berkovich Anna: Reasons for success

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna rejected the traditional practice of cramming and created her own progressive methodology, the essence of which is to learn to think like native speakers. The Anna Berkovich biography, professionally related to the field of education, has proven the effectiveness of this approach through her school.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna was able to attract industry experts to Alibra School who helped make it a true success. Together, they expanded the list of languages offered and introduced new teaching methods.

The entrepreneur was interested in the development of continuing education issues. She was open to new ideas, thus the Alibra School project combined new technologies with a classic approach to teaching foreign languages.

Anna Berkovich: Family and charity

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich combines an active professional life with various hobbies. The businesswoman has a husband and two children, and she loves spending time with family and friends. She says that time with family helps her deal with stress. She also loves skiing and reading books.

She is also a charitable person. In particular, the founder of Alibra School has been donating to well-known actor Konstantin Khabensky’s foundation for many years.

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