Ankr Announces Switch To Pay-As-You-Go Model For Premium Users

Ankr Will Now Be Offering A PAYG Model For Its Premium Customers


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Ankr is announcing a new PAYG model for premium subscribers. The company has built a reputable reputation for its customer-first disposition, and this is just another example of how much the company cares about and trusts its customers. Its massive track record of providing the most powerful multi-chain toolkit to access blockchain infrastructure also means that its customers trust it in return. 


Ankr will now be moving to a PAYG model that will help serve its customers better. The plan ensures that clients will only pay for what they use and will not pay a token more. As always, with this plan, its client will still be able to make payments in ANKR, USDT, USDC, or use traditional payment methods like credit cards. However, if they choose to pay with ANKR, there is an applied 10% discount rate. 


This change doesn’t mean the premium plan will be changing. The only thing that will be changing is what clients are charged for. The plan will still, as always, offer everything developers will need to ship fast and scale their dApps. 


“This new plan means that our clients will only pay for what they need. They will no longer be charged for using parts of their plan that they didn’t use. It means that we will be able to give our clients accurate pricing and will be able to add on features as they require. It will make their payment plans a lot cheaper, efficient, and flexible. It will also give us the satisfaction of meeting our clients’ needs,” said Ankr’s CMBDO Greg Gopman. 


This switch means that clients will only pay for RPC requests as they make them and will only pay for what they need with no overpayment for annual plans. They will still be able to see all their RPC requests, activity, and charges clearly on their dashboard. They also will be able to top their account with Ankr and earn additional credits for large deposits. 


For existing clients of Ankr, this means an even more seamless financial relationship with the company. For new clients, it means they will be able to accelerate their business with Ankr at entirely their discretion. Follow Ankr on Twitter to get notified of more developments as they happen.


About Ankr

Ankr is a globally distributed company with industry connections around the world, providing us with detailed insights into Web3 trends. The company also focuses on making participating in, building on, and using blockchains and protocols easy and accessible for everyone.


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