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As businesses look for innovative ways to promote their products and services, animators continue to develop fresh approaches. That is why new animation trends hit the scene every year. However, not all of them are original, effective, or memorable enough to raise the bar for the industry. In this blog, we are covering animation trends that are likely to stay on top throughout 2022:

  1. Data Visualization

If done correctly, data-driven animated videos can be a marketing windfall. These videos will give viewers excellent arguments for why they should buy a specific product or acquire particular services. In the corporate world, it can make a huge difference in terms of sales!

  1. Flat People

Though flat people are not a new addition to the animation world, their popularity has skyrocketed like anything lately. Flat animations, particularly explainer videos, have gone beyond being just trendy. They have become the norm for marketing animations. This approach is ideal for conveying complicated concepts clearly and concisely. Flat images look quite professional, which is why most people already identify them as a corporate art style.

  1. Liquid Motion

This animation is vibrant, entertaining, and easily repeatable. According to experts, it is ideal for creating short video content such as Instagram Reels and Tik Tok videos. Because of their cutting-edge animation techniques, the liquid motion also shines in explanatory videos.

  1. Seamless Transition

Animators have taken notice of this trend because of the professional quality it lends to their work. It has the distinct power to capture clients’ attention due to the unstoppable pace of motion graphics.

Using robust animation tools, the transition can make a product film showreel flow seamlessly throughout the video. In contrast to traditional wipes, which cut between scenes, these transitions employ a deliberate approach to use graphical features to elegantly transition between scenes.

  1. Kinetic Typography 

Because of the strong probability of poor readability, many artists are reluctant to take the risk of experimenting with fonts and typefaces. But in 2022, they are defying conventional wisdom and undertaking new challenges. Kinetic typography emphasizes stretching, distorting, and twisting letters, unlike anything we have seen.

A lot of people find it to be a pleasant surprise. Brands benefit from the increased visibility, recognition, and recall that kinetic typography in animated videos provides through e-commerce and mobile app design and development.

  1. Custom Mascot Characters

Custom mascot characters are gaining popularity in marketing and explainer videos. Mascot characters are meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly into the app’s overall look and interact with the tiny UI movements. As smartphone apps get more engaging every year, we can see this trend gathering more limelight.

  1. VR Animation 

Using video animation in Virtual Reality (VR) experiences has proven to be a huge success in recent years. As a result, VR Animation has been employed in everything from the Metaverse to the recently announced Oculus Rift. This technique has a wide range of applications, including integrated learning, high-quality entertainment, and the delivery of information in an engaging and interactive environment. At the same time, it is quite difficult to produce these kinds of animations because they are so different from creating animations on a predefined canvas like that in website design.

The game sector is currently the biggest user of VR animation. But prominent tech giants have also made enormous steps forward in advancing AR & VR technology, indicating that this trend will most likely continue for some time.

  1. 2D & 3D Mix

One of the hottest trends in 2022 is surely combining 2D and 3D elements. In today’s world, animated films, full-length television series, commercials, and social media content, all use this technique. New and exciting, it has the potential to appeal to a wide range of potential customers and is expected to be a promising trend throughout 2022.

  1. Vertical Advertising

Nowadays, no one wants to watch videos in a narrow rectangular space at the top of their smartphone screen. Experts have devised a solution to this dilemma. They have started displaying vertical animations to improve the user experience.

Vertical animation, often referred to as vertical flip animation, is a unique form of animation that can be adapted to fit the full screen of mobile devices. Viewers can rotate their screens vertically to view the complete video in full-screen mode.

  1. Experimental Animation

As the barriers between independent and mainstream media blur, we can now observe an explosion in the popularity of creative, experimental animation. Artists do not limit themselves to exaggerated forms, and the result is a beautiful and unusual body of work.

The Final Verdict

Each type of animation has its distinct theme that may be used to promote your company or brand. Therefore, before making a final decision, you must broaden your horizons and explore all the trending options. Hopefully, the information we have put together about animation trends in this write-up will help you cherry-pick the animation trend that goes best with your brand’s style!

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