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Angus Onisforou Looks Forward To The Launch Of Cars And Collectables Auction House

After the success of his Quad Safety System, the Australian genius undergraduate Angus Onisforou will be launching his Auction House for Cars and Collectables in the coming month after consulting with a team of professional web developers, web designers, and lawyers.

Angus Onisforou is channelling his passion for collectables into a professional business venture. Since a young age, he has been a zealous collector of vintage and scientifically advanced hand watches. When thinking about a business plan, the young entrepreneur felt inspired by his passion to create something more meaningful on a larger scale.

While chalking out the initial implementation of his plan, Onisforou decided to tweak it. Instead of launching a platform merely for collectables, he shifted gears to include cars as well. “I’ve always loved to read more and more about automobiles, especially cars. So, when I was creating a platform for a thing that I’m passionate about, I couldn’t exclude cars from it,” Onisforou said when asked about his business.

Angus Onisforou’s Professional History

As a high school student, Onisforou always felt the need to work on the practical aspects of his theoretical knowledge. Instead of focusing on learning and getting good grades, he worked extra to implement his subjects. In 2018, his hard work finally bore fruit with the launch of his invention – a Quad Safety System. The ulterior motive of preventing accidents inspired the creation of this system.

After its test drive, Onisforou started selling this system to consumers. This marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial venture. People riding golf carts and other all-terrain vehicles were the target audience for this business as the low-pressure tires of their vehicles would lead to an increasing number of accidents in risky terrains. Onisforou’s Quad Safety System pre-alerts the rider of dangerous terrain to save them from unwanted outcomes.

Driving Force

The stellar success of his entrepreneurial debut encouraged him to pursue his dreams on a bigger scale. Onisforou knew in order to succeed financially and professionally, he had to outdo his earlier performance. This could only be achieved when his new venture is quality or closer to his heart than the previous one. After graduating high school, Onisforou started working on his new project.

In addition to being a university student, Onisforou invested his free time in researching for his upcoming project. He started consulting web developers to gain insights regarding the feasibility of the Auction House project, and then he brought web designers into the game to create a user-friendly platform with easily accessible features. Once the project was on the edge of completion, he consulted lawyers to implement the legislation requirements.

The Cars and Collectables Auction House is now ready to be launched in the next month.

Future Plans

After testing the initial success of the website in Melbourne, Onisforou plans on adding new features and expanding the platform internationally. He says, “With the combination of determination and desire, I will ensure the global success of this platform in the coming years.”

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