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Angel Ochoa- the newest budding artist in the music industry

Many people have this false notion that age is barrier to success. However, successful artists such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Lorde, and Baby Keem have shown us that success and fame have no age limit. They started following their passion at an extremely young age without caring about the consequences of the risks, thus rejecting the supposed norm of life. Angel Ochoa, better known as Flodedbyangel too belongs to this category. The music industry is an ever-changing industry where new and young artists are bringing a fresh and unique wave of impulse with every passing day. Eighteen-year-old Angel Ochoa too wishes to contribute to this by showcasing his skills and progress further towards his dream of becoming a musician. 

Originally hailing from Dallas, Texas, the young and talented musician has always been passionate about music since his childhood. It is rather commendable that he has managed to garner more than thirty-four thousand followers on Instagram in such a short span of his career. He released his latest single called ‘Apollo’ on July 1st this year which is likely to cross 20k soon compared to the rate of his streams. The track has already gained a lot of favorable reputation and if you have not yet checked it out, you are definitely missing out. You can find it on Spotify:


Besides being a talented musician, he is also a successful entrepreneur and jeweler. His jewelry brand is called Ice House where you can get diverse customised gold, diamond and other jewellery pieces ranging from pendants, necklaces, bracelets, grillz to chains. He is known all over Texas for his jewellery business and has even worked with numerous reputable influencers and celebrities. The multitalented individual also owns a car company called Creed Automotive LLC. 

Although Angel Ochoa was always passionate and heavily influenced by music, the thought of pursuing usic as a profession never really occurred to him. However, fate had other plans for him and soon he embarked on his musical journey. Successful rap artist Thottie Jay was his mentor who guided him throughout his journey in the music industry. In fact, he credits the rapper for influencing him and shaping his music skills to a large extent. Angel Ochoa is already working on his very first album which he believes would strengthen his foothold in the music industry. Make sure to keep an eye out for all his upcoming releases! 

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