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Andrey Makeev: Solar Energy Project Manager

Andrey Makeev is a Solar Energy Project Manager residing in Israel. His primary experience is in developing control systems for the energy industry. In his current role, he develops web interfaces to monitor solar energy systems and also develops programs for controllers. His extensive employment history has made him an expert in the field of engineering and solar energy.


Andrey received his Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Far Eastern State Transport University in 2009. However, he didn’t stop his education there. Since earning his Master’s degree, Andrey has gained more knowledge about Microsoft, JAVA, and Industry Automation through supplemental online courses.


Since January 2022, Andrey has been a Project Manager with CONTEL TECHNOLOGIES. CONTEL specializes in smart energy through solar energy, which is considered the future of electricity. Andrey’s projects focus on PV Energy, Industry 4.0, and Control Systems. While working on these projects, he frequently works with Allen Bradley, PLC, SCADA Ignition, Network, and Python.

Before working at CONTEL, Andrey gained experience at ISCAR Headquarters, Techjet Aerofoils Ltd., LT METAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD., the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, and the JSC Project Institute of Air Transport “Dalaeroproject.” Through these experiences, Andrey developed an internal enterprise service for the automation of metal-cutting (using mySQL, Java JDK, Hibernate, and Spring), scripts on Python for automated size correction, and shells for electronics.

Andrey is also considered an expert in the computer science and engineering field. He gained 5 years of experience as a system engineer installing network equipment, implementing security protocol, repairing equipment, configuring databases, and offering software network support. His experiences in engineering and technical support directly help him in his current role, developing complex systems for the solar industry.


Andrey has delved into several studies regarding solar energy during his time as a solar energy project manager. One of his most recent works discusses the development of energy sector efficiency in regard to Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2011. He analyzed the consumption of solar energy per year in several countries, with Australia consuming the most solar energy.

He also described how technology and energy are entwined and how the control processes he helps develop are essential because of this connection. Namely, he discusses the use of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and how this system obtains data about various enterprise processes and efficiency statistics in solar energy.

This system helps him develop control systems that align with cybersafety, so energy facilities are not susceptible to cyberattacks. This ensures that energy remains available at all times and cannot be stripped away at a moment’s notice from those who need it. The global renewable energy industry relies on professionals like Andrey to keep solar energy accessible and safe for all users.


As a computer science professional, Andrey has every intention to continue pursuing his passion in the field of solar energy. He is interested in learning more about Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the near future. He plans to use this knowledge to improve his skills in his current field to continue contributing to the greater good.

Since solar is the way of the future, Andrey believes that his work will help provide safe, renewable energy to families worldwide in an age in which fossil fuels will soon no longer be the norm. To learn more about Andrey’s expertise in the field of solar energy, reach out to him via his contact information.


Andrey Makeev has made significant accomplishments in the field of computer science throughout the last several decades. As an expert in the field of solar energy, he hopes to continue his work to greatly impact the world around him to become greener and safer for all.

Author: Andrey Makeev

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