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Andrew Pravlik: His Journey From Intern To CEO Of Pittsburgh Financial Group

Andrew Pravlik is a highly experienced investment professional who has recently taken on the role of CEO, President, and Managing Partner at Pittsburgh Financial Group. In his role, he brings over 30 years of experience to the job, and he specializes in income planning and retirement planning. Pravlik oversees and manages client portfolios and day-to-day operations of the firm in his leadership position.

Andrew Pravlik’s Beginnings

Andrew Pravlik began his career in financial services at the age of 18 as an intern. Through his early years, he learned every aspect of brokerage and investment firms, which allowed him to start full-time as a registered representative and investment broker soon after graduating from Allegheny College. He has earned his Series 7, 63, and 66 securities licenses, as well as the Securities Industry Essentials® (SIE®) Certification. He is also fully licensed in life, annuities, fixed index annuities, and long-term care insurance, making him an expert in advising clients on solid retirement plans.

Pravlik’s leadership at Pittsburgh Financial Group has led to rapid client and asset growth, and the firm has expanded its presence to the west coast with its subsidiary, Seattle Financial Group. Pravlik is excited about what’s ahead, both for Pittsburgh Financial Group and the industry as a whole.

Andrew Pravlik’s Approach

Pravlik’s main function over the past 30 years has been helping his clients secure their retirement. In his new roles, he is finding that he is able to greatly expand the reach of his valuable advice. He has a proactive approach and stays up-to-date with the constantly shifting economic, political, and monetary environment by frequently meeting with industry leaders and investment professionals.

With the rising interest rate market, Pravlik sees a tremendous opportunity for his business to help clients navigate uncharted waters as interest rates climb to levels not seen in 40-50 years. He believes that learning and being well-educated are of utmost importance, so he reads The Economist, Wall Street Journal Daily, Financial Times, Kiplinger, and Bloomberg.

Persistence and Decisiveness

AndrewPravlik credits his success to his persistence and decisiveness, two valuable qualities that he had to hone in order to work in his favor. He often makes big decisions after analyzing data and assessing the risk associated with change, but he believes that being proactive is always more desirable than reactive.

He also believes that fortune often favors the bold, but it is important to have a process in place. In almost all decision-making, there will be trade-offs, uncertainty, and risk, but it is best to act. Pravlik has found that in his experience, being proactive is always more desirable than reactive.

Personal Life

When he isn’t growing his clients’ portfolios, Pravlik makes personal growth a top priority in his life. He believes that time on this earth is the most precious commodity. By giving his clients peace of mind regarding their retirements, he hopes that they can enjoy each day a little more.

In his personal life, Pravlik enjoys fly fishing for trout in Montana, Idaho, and Washington, visiting national parks in an RV camper, skiing, golfing, gardening, and tending to his orchards at his Robinson, PA home. He starts his day with rowing and exercise, which he believes sets the tone for the day and gets the body moving – the mind will follow.


Andrew Pravlik is a highly respected investment professional with over 30 years of experience. He has dedicated his career to helping his clients secure their retirement, and his reputation amongst his clients is so positive that he is often referred to their family members, friends, and colleagues. Pravlik’s proactive approach to investment management and retirement planning has led to significant growth for Pittsburgh Financial Group, and his leadership has expanded the firm’s presence to the west coast.

Pravlik’s persistence, decisiveness, and constant pursuit of education have been critical factors in his success as an investment professional. He believes that being proactive is always better than being reactive, and he prioritizes personal growth in his personal life.

Andrew Pravlik’s dedication to his clients, his expertise in retirement planning, and his leadership skills make him a valuable asset to Pittsburgh Financial Group and the industry as a whole.


Registered Representative of World Capital Brokerage, Inc., Investment Advisory Representative of World Capital Brokerage Advisory Services, 888-742-0631, Member FINRA/SIPC, custodial services through BNY Mellon-Pershing

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