Andrés Meneses Wins Award for Top Global Crypto YouTuber / Influencer 2022

Andrés Meneses cements his spot as the top Global Crypto YouTuber / Influencer for 2022 with a win at the inaugural Middle East Blockchain Awards, held as part of Abu Dhabi Finance Week. The 18th of November saw Andrés Meneses cement his spot as the top Global Crypto YouTuber / Influencer for 2022 with a win at the inaugural Middle East Blockchain Awards, held as part of Abu Dhabi Finance Week.

The inaugural Middle East Blockchain Awards (MEBA), recognized 14 of the region’s best players in the Web 3.0 space.  The MEBA awards were launched to recognize and reward outstanding efforts within the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 innovations. MEBA was hosted by Hoko Agency Middle East, in association with Abu Dhabi Finance Week, and the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Crypto and Blockchain Association (MEAACBA), highlighting the prestige of the awards issues as well as the caliber of entrants.

Chairman and Co-Founder of Hoko Group, Bally Singh had the following to say about the MEBA awards:

“On behalf of everyone at Hoko Group and MEBA’s sponsors, I would like to offer hearty congratulations to the well-deserving winners of the inaugural Middle East Blockchain Awards. This has been a spectacular event celebrating the phenomenal caliber of Web 3.0 innovation and talent across the Middle East. With such a successful first showing and such a strong field of contenders for each of our award categories, we look forward to future editions of MEBA with great anticipation.”

The award of top Global Crypto YouTuber / Influencer for 2022 which was awarded to Andrés, was the pinnacle of a career spent building and investing in fast-growing technology products since he graduated from Telecommunications Engineering 15 years ago. Whilst many will look at success as something that appeared overnight, those closest to Andrés will know that behind the scenes you will struggle to find a harder worker. 

Early in 2016, Andres began sharing his experience and knowledge daily through his social media channels, with the goal of bringing simplicity and education to the crypto space. By 2017, his first crypto community reached a staggering 40,000 people. Many people refer to him as a “super-connector”, owing to the way he introduces new communities and users into the Web3 space, as well as his ability to educate and connect his community members. Not only as a sought-after mentor and a consultant in the crypto space, he educates and connects Kols, blockchains, exchanges, and top crypto enthusiasts to skyrocket their communities.

When interviewed about his award, Andrés remained humble and had the following to say: 

“As an influencer, my goal is to educate and empower others with the tools to make informed decisions. If I can connect people and ideas through my social media channels, more people can enter the crypto, NFT, and web3 space with the knowledge to trade safely. It’s our responsibility as influencers to give back to those in our community that has given so much to us.”

For more information on Andrés Meneses, as well as what he can do for your project in the Crypto, Web 3, and Blockchain space, check out the details below:

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