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An Upgrade to B2Core: Two New Modules and Mobile Banner Customization

B2Core New Modules

B2Broker, a leading supplier of solutions for Forex and crypto trading brokers, has just launched two features in its latest B2Core update. The Commission Cashback module is a complete game-changer as it allows brokers to refund some of the commissions to their customers. Plus, with the Data Import Module included in this update, customer data can be integrated into B2Core quickly and without any hassle! 

Even more, B2Core Mobile has now equipped brokers with the capacity to customize their mobile banners further. This gives them an invaluable opportunity to exemplify their brand when engaging with customers accurately. By introducing these advanced features, businesses can elevate their customer service to the next level and create a more enjoyable experience for their customers!

Commission Cashback Module


All traders know that any exchange platform charges commission fees. To address some of these costs, B2Core has released its Commission Cashback Module for the powerful B2Trader system. With this module, users can receive cashback rewards on the commissions they pay when buying and selling cryptocurrency, as well as for storing cryptocurrencies in their wallets. The more you trade and store cryptocurrency in your wallets, the bigger your cashback will be.

Exchange admins can now design a commission cashback plan tailor-made for their users! They can choose from numerous variables, like the percentage of cashback granted, holding currency, cashback currency, and how long they will hold it. The B2Core team has created an extensive user guide and detailed How-to article to help brokers take full advantage of this new feature.

Data Import Module

Import Data

B2Core’s Back Office Data Import Module offers administrators a simple and accurate way to upload users, accounts, and IBs (Introducing Brokers) data. This cutting-edge module provides users with speed and accuracy when importing data – ideal for those who value time-saving solutions! By utilizing either the .CSV or .TSV file formats, admins can quickly and efficiently transfer information.

Admins may reference the user guide and How-to article for a complete understanding of the Import Data module, which gives a step-by-step overview for importing data to B2Core.

Personalized Banners for Mobile

B2Core Mobile

The newest upgrade to the B2Core Back Office also provides users with a creative and innovative enhancement that allows them to configure separate banners in JSON data format for their Mobile application. This great feature gives brokers more control over how banners look and appear on their mobile app, giving them more control than ever!

Concluding Remarks

The most recent B2Core update allows brokers to reach new heights. This powerful upgrade contains a commission cashback module for rewards on trading commissions and a data import module that substantially simplifies data entry complexity. Moreover, you can now customize elements of your mobile application banners. With these cutting-edge technologies at your disposal, you’ll be able to deliver an unrivaled customer experience while significantly boosting operational efficiency simultaneously!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation! B2Core is focused on equipping brokers with the latest cutting-edge solutions to elevate their customer experience. With upcoming upgrades and updates such as device management systems enhancements, helpdesk service system revamps, and security advancements in the near future – now’s your chance to join us if you haven’t already!

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