An Unsolved Puzzle! – Will Satoshi Nakamoto reveal himself?

Every now and then, we sit back and read news or hear things that we can’t seem to believe. It will leave us thinking that, “Is this even happening right now and how am I supposed to believe this though?”. It leads us to be momentarily speechless while encountering how smart or unintelligent one can be.

Have you ever heard of Satoshi Nakamoto? Ops no! Please discard your thought fellow readers. This has got nothing to do with cryptocurrency. This is just to inculcate in your mind of how this whole thing actually got started.

This will be a good read for people that have no idea who is actually Satoshi Nakamoto! Perhaps, if you’re thinking “Oh please, I’ve known about this long ago.”, then its assumable that you’ve actually met the person that hides behind a pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. I’m just kidding!

As the world moves forward into advancement, people are always striving their best to be on everyone’s good book. Have we forgotten of how quick any news and incident circulates on social media! The public does that only for one sole intention, to be prominent or remembered.

Otherwise, you will be forgotten or maybe you’d be remembered for some time, just like Christmas!

It all started when an unknown person hides behind the name of Satoshi Nakamoto chose to announced the first release of software where it made Hal Finney, the man to experience digital coins firsthand.

To be explaining in detail, Satoshi Nakamoto was claimed to send an e-mail containing his white paper titled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’ to Wei Dai, a computer engineer and cypherpunk, best known as creator of b-money and the developer of the Crypto++ library.

It is surprising that, none of them had met Satoshi Nakamoto in person, be it Hal Finney and Wei Dai. Their conversation with Satoshi Nakamoto was based on e-mail. How this could have been possible? Did we even took a second to think about it?

However, there are also some speculation being made that Satoshi Nakamoto might be a person or team that works together to invent this digital coins. Things taken to a next level when few influencers came forward indicating that they’re the actual Satoshi Nakamoto.

This is just one part of it and you will encounter more mysteries unfolding when a long-term research done right. The invention of blockchain involves a lot of secret that it will squeeze your brain to obtain a great understanding.

Why Satoshi Nakamoto is still hiding knowing he was the reason for digital currency to be well-known now?” that questions kept playing in everyone’s mind repeatedly.

Up till now, it still remains as an unsolved puzzle to many of us as people are still looking for a valid answer.

Will Satoshi Nakamoto reveal himself or that will possibly never happen?

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