An Ultimate Tip For HDB Toilet Renovation

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Renovation decisions should always be carefully considered for rooms that serve a purpose, like restrooms and kitchens. We’ve discovered that homeowners around the city frequently ask for a HDB bathroom renovation, particularly if they’re buying a resale house. Additionally, a lot of first-time homeowners write to us with inquiries regarding remodeling their bathrooms. Fortunately, we’re paying attention.

The most common queries about bathroom remodeling are answered in this thorough guide. Let’s find out what you need to know about HDB Toilet Renovation.

How long does the toilet interior last?

HDB restroom renovations often take 10 to 15 years. However, one needs to first ask another question: What kind of residence do you have in order to respond to this query more effectively?

If you possess one:

  • A warranty on seepage and leakage coverage for a set number of years will likely be included with the new condominium.
  • Condo resale: This will depend on the building’s age and condition. It is strongly advised to completely renovate the bathroom if the apartment is older than ten years.
  • HDB BTO: The bathrooms are covered by a 3-year warranty to address any potential problems. So you can make minor adjustments, like changing the vanity counter, and then wait until the guarantee period has passed before making major modifications.
  • Again, it depends on how old the home is. Resale HDB. To avoid any complications later, it is recommended to choose a full HDB toilet makeover.

It depends on which home you are in

So, here is the quick advice we have for you: Never clean bathroom items made of stainless steel or chrome with harsh chemicals; they rust quickly.

Why do people update restrooms?

While each person or household may have a unique set of reasons, the following are the typical justifications for a HDB toilet renovation: 

  • pipes that are ancient and leak water. And keep in mind that having a leaky house is bad Feng Shui!
  • Walls or floor tiles that appear to be dated or unclean. They might become cracked as a result of heavy use.
  • Worn-looking cabinetry and/or countertops. In the case of metallic cabinets, corrosion and rust are possibilities.
  • Outdated architecture that violates bathroom ergonomics. People often prefer to switch to more modern bathroom designs in these circumstances.
  • A standard, antiquated appearance that gives the restroom a lifeless vibe.

What should be taken into account when having a HDB Toilet Renovation?

When you decide to remodel your toilet, keep the following things in mind:

  • For the remodeling to start, the apartment’s water supply must be turned off. Additionally, there is a lot of noise and dust, therefore it is imperative that people leave while the toilets are being renovated.
  • Prior to penetration, make plans to cover and wrap furniture and furnishings, especially those made of fabrics.
  • It takes at least three to four days for the dust to settle. Therefore, wait till then to tidy your home and move back in.

HDB Toilet Renovation

It’s preferable to vacate while having your bathrooms renovated

How long does it take to renovate an HDB bathroom?

The question of how long must be asked now that it has been established that homeowners must vacate their residences during a toilet restoration. It takes two weeks to complete the planning and material sourcing, chopping, hauling, and tiling. Add the time required for carpentry to this. It can take one to three weeks to complete this. Therefore, it usually takes 5 weeks, to be safe, to renovate a HDB toilet.

Cost of HDB Toilet Renovation

Any renovation plan must take into consideration the budget. Do we really want any last-minute surprises? The price of a bathroom makeover may not be able to be generalized, but we can point out several factors that influence it.

  • Selection of tiles
  • Constructed with walls and a shower niche.
  • Selecting shower and bathtub systems (if any).

Notably, disguised bath fixtures, wall-hung toilets, and concealed rain showers are more expensive than standard bath fixtures and pipe construction. The cost of sanitary items will also vary depending on their quality.

What should you watch out for while having HDB Toilet Renovation?

Without pointing out the “don’ts,” no ultimate guide is really complete, is it? Therefore, this shouldn’t be an exception. The following errors must be avoided while renovating a toilet, according to our renovation experts:

  • You can either place the basin under the vanity unit or over it to accommodate a basin and a vanity unit. Make sure the faucet’s sprout is long enough to discharge water from the faucet at the center of the basin if you are placing the basin on top of the vanity counter.
  • It is advised for homeowners and their family members to physically try the sizes of the WC unit (toilet pot) before purchasing. Because most individuals don’t do this, they can get a toilet that is larger or smaller than what they actually need.
  • The myth that smaller bathrooms look better in whites is untrue. Dark browns or black-hued hues can also give small bathrooms a rich appearance and depth.

Weiken – One of The Best Interior Companies in HDB Toilet Renovation

Singapore’s Weiken is an interior design firm with more than 25 years of experience. They are experts in designing and updating furniture for homes and businesses. 

Weiken’s goal is to establish itself as a reputable and well-liked home interior brand in Singapore and Asia. In addition to a wide range of HDB interior designs in Singapore, Weiken also offers makeovers for landed homes, condos, and commercial buildings. Therefore, they gain much popularity across many countries and especially in Singapore.

Hopefully, you will find this article useful. Weiken can be your ultimate solution if you are looking for an HDB Toilet Renovation!

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