An overview of Substrate development services

The Substrate framework by Parity Technologies is the most flexible and versatile toolkit that helps developers to design and create blockchains for decentralized applications. The Substrate is considered the simplest and most advanced framework to create a blockchain. Substrate’s advantages include the thoughtfulness of its architecture, Rust development stack, as well as a wide field of development. It is a flexible network that allows you to build complex solutions.

The Substrate is a part of the Polkadot project, which consists of the main chain and multiple shard chains (also known as para chains) with individual logic. Substrate allows developers to create custom chains for a variety of purposes. As the Substrate framework provides all foundation layers to run consensus, networking, and application layer, the Substrate development company can focus on building core business logic instead of building the blockchain foundation.

As part of Substrate development services, a developer can experience below features-

  • With Polkadot JS, it is possible to create a rich user experience for any Substrate-based chain.
  • Substrate offers a smart contract platform powered by Wasm.
  • With free Byzantine fault tolerance, Substrate users develop seamlessly, even if some nodes are disabled, broken, or malicious.
  • Substrate allows the developer to access WebAssembly work and the global community of developers who have created tooling for it.
  • Any update that may affect consensus can be handled by compiling the code to WebAssembly and then deploying it as a message on the network.

A Substrate development company can build robust cross-chain bridges that facilitate the seamless exchange of assets and information across blockchains. At the same time, for improved interoperability, a Substrate development company can integrate an existing Substrate-powered relay chain or dApp. They can develop relay chains and para chains using the Substrate framework and RUST. Smart contract development is another focused area that a Substrate development company can facilitate using Parity’s ink! They can also write new pallets using Substrate.

Apart from technical expertise, a Substrate development company must assure the quality of the development through a test-driven service for a market-ready product. They should be able to provide end-to-end development services from planning to designing, development, and post-deployment support.

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