An Overview of SafeGram

Borderless, Secure Transfer of Your Crypto Holdings

Cryptocurrencies are a multi-trillion dollar industry today. Although in terms of market share, Bitcoin and Ethereum together occupy nearly 60% of the crypto world, there is a long tail of assets waiting to grow in volume and utility in the days to come. According to the latest available numbers, the total number of unique crypto assets exceeds 18,000. There are more than 450 exchanges that facilitate the trade in these assets. 

But, how do first-time investors enter this space? How do they utilise their crypto holdings in their everyday world? Irrespective of the traction crypto assets have gained these days, their value and worth shrink substantially without people being able to convert them to fiat currencies. It is where services like SafeGram play an immensely vital role.  

What is SafeGram?

SafeGram started as a concept in 2019 gathering steam throughout 2020 and into 2021 by kicking off as a project, to revolutionise the world of finance and crypto payment systems. In achieving its vision, it diversified into multiple solutions that we will discuss in the segments to come. Built on the strong and efficient foundations of BSC, Safegram has plans Safegram aims at devising a future of Decentralised finance that would be radically better in speed, cost, and reliability.

Borderless, Secure Transfer of Your Crypto Holdings

With SafeGram, you can send the 1:1 value of your blockchain holdings in fiat format anywhere globally. The service of SafeGram transfers is available across 120 countries worldwide. To carry out the transfer, all you need to do is select the destination country from the website dropdown, choose the US dollar amount you want to transfer, select the receiver country and select the coin you have. 

The service has a nominal transfer fee, of which up to 80% of it gets redistributed to its community and partners and the rest is left for treasury operations such as marketing, R&D, etc., while it is immensely safe to transact. While the transfer service is representative of SafeGram’s identity, the SafeGram ecosystem incorporates many other verticals, including comprehensive money services, Decentralised exchange, and launchpad services. 

SafeGram Money Services

This product wing operates under the name SafeGramram Send Money Services. Using this service, SafeGram users can convert their native $GRAM rewards tokens to any fiat currency within 24 hours, and in many instances less than a minute from the time it starts processing. The money goes to any bank account worldwide at ultra-low fees. The platform is built to accept any cryptocurrency. At the time of this writing, it accepts BNB and ETH. BTC and GRAM are scheduled to be next and soon all the major cryptocurrencies will come under its fold. 

Decentralised Exchange

The exchange goes by the name SafeDEX. It accommodates exclusive and popularly traded tokens and includes the platform-native $GRAM tokens. The benefits of SafeDEX are multifarious. It does not hold your funds while trading. It offers multiple ways for the user to make profits, accommodating the systems of the compounding effect of increasing rewards and multiplier effects for the long and short term. 


The name of this service is SafeStarter. The declared objective of this service is to help exclusive and high-level projects to launch in the crypto world providing a series of tools not just on technology but also operations and marketing so the project receives a holistic solution in the critical areas that are required. The opportunity to leverage the potential of these exclusively-launched products is available only to $GRAM rewards token stakers. Projects that will launch with SafeStarter will automatically be listed with SafeDEX. There will be a provision for Bot prevention at every launch and raise. Safe Starter will also have collaborations with other launchpads, targeted at accomplishing raise methods such as MIDO, multi-initial Decentralised offering, and PMIDO, pre-multi-initial Decentralised offering. 

$GRAM Benefits

As we have already seen, holding the $GRAM token comes with benefits. These benefits come in diverse forms. For instance, if a $GRAM holder uses SafeGram’s money transfer service, they will enjoy tiered level services allowing them to send funds based on their service level. The user category could be diverse, including enterprise, corporate, entrepreneur, and basic. Moreover, by holding a tier token level the user will benefit from discounted fees. 

When using the Decentralised exchange service, $GRAM token holders can trade any token on the DEX at minimal fees. SafeGram also announced special days when it charges zero fees. 

$GRAM stakers also qualify for exclusive access to top-tier level pools. They can compound on the tokens they have received from the launched project under schemes that work within a defined time and APY period. 

How to Use SafeGram?

To use SafeGram’s service, you need to sign up by providing your email address, basic user info and first and last name, and country name. The next step involves conforming to the two-factor authentication communication and setting up the password. Before sending money you will have to finish the KYC/AML process through a third party partner. Lastly you can access the history of your transactions easily on SafeGram based on your tier level based on your token holdings . Each transaction comes with a reference number that you can use to get in touch with the platform for any doubt or query. 

Community Interactions

As is the norm in the crypto sphere, SafeGram has its Telegram channel. The official Twitter handle of SafeGram continues to grow in the thousands of followers that it has gained in less than a year from its joining those platforms.. To know more about SafeGram’s continuing innovations and updates, one can also follow its Medium page.

The Future of SafeGram

The first quarter of 2022 was a busy one for SafeGram. The project’s roadmap continues to be followed by the project’s team by expansion of both its physical and digital market presence through its ATMs and continued buildup of partner networks.

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