An Investor is Investing $30M in the A16z SPEEDRUN Program.

An investor is investing $30 million in the a16z speedrun program. 

Takeaway Points

  • Andrew Chen said in a post that he is investing $30 million in the next 45 days via the A16Z Speedrun Program.
  • The Speedrun Program is A16Z GAMES  intensive 12-week program for early-stage accelerator startups. 
  • The deadline for the registration is May 19, 2024.
  • From July 29-Oct 20 in Los Angeles, the program will start.

Who invested $30 million in the A16z SPEEDRUN Program? 

Andrew Chen, an investor in games, web3, AI, VR, and AR, said in a post on Monday that he is investing $30 million in the next 45 days via the a16z Speedrun Program. He said $750k per startup that joins the SPEEDRUN program, and if you come with him to the a16z’s SPEEDRUN program, they will invest, work with you, and expose you to the world’s top investors/mentors, etc. Andrew made the statement on X.

“I’m investing $30M in the next 45 days via the a16z SPEEDRUN program. Yes, $750k per startup that joins the SPEEDRUN program plus obv it’ll be a great way to work together on something.  So come work with me at a16z’s SPEEDRUN program — we’ll invest, work with you, expose you to the world’s top investors/mentors, etc,” Andrew said.

Andrew added, “Our intensive 12-week program is highly selective, with ~ 1% of applicants accepted in our last cohort. Participants are supported not just with capital, but also by a highly curated set of industry coaches, mentors, and a community of ambitious founders. 80% of companies from SPEEDRUN’s first cohort secured funding from investors following Demo Day.”

The deadline for SPEEDRUN registration is May 19, 2024. By the end of June, applicants selected will be notified and from July 29-Oct 20 in Los Angeles the program will start.

Matthew Ball, an entrepreneur, said that he knew two founders who went through the program last year and benefited.

“I’ve known two founders to go through SPEEDRUN in the last year and they both benefited greatly and recommend it publicly and privately to all other gaming (and gaming adjacent) founders. Glad it’s running back another edition so soon,” said Matthew.

Lenny Rachitsky, a podcaster and newsletter writer, said he attended the last Speedrun and that it was inspiring.

“I went to the last @Speedrun event and it was so inspiring. So much innovation happening in gaming tech. If you’re building something at the intersection of tech and games, definitely check this program out.” he said. 

What is the A16Z SPEEDRUN program?

According to A16Z, the SPEEDRUN is A16Z GAMES’ early-stage accelerator for startups at the intersection of Tech x Games. The company invests $750K in each selected company.

The gaming company said that some of the benefits that applicants will get are: Community: they will get entry into a community of like minded people and have access to exclusive resources, events and partners within the network. Capital: You will get direct investments from A16Z games, fundraising support with connections to hundreds of external investors. Coaching: you will get 1.1 mentorship with the A16Z games , curated sessions with industry leaders.

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