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An Interview with Sai Karra: How NFTs and the Metaverse are the Future

Social media has created a space for creators to flourish, form communities, and dive into various markets. Sai Karra is a TikTok star, boasting nearly 5 million followers on the platform. But, the influencer worked his way from humble beginnings. Karra began his social media career on Youtube by posting basketball mixtapes. Noting the kind of views that he was receiving, Karra jumped to be a part of the most influential platform of the moment, TikTok. 

Karra used his online success and platform to launch two entrepreneurial ventures. His first was the marketing agency named ‘BuiltGen’. Here, Karra offered businesses the opportunity of growing their followers and platforms through the careful guidance of Karra and his brother. Now, Karra is working on his latest project: Metaversity. This project is centered around NFTs.

Techbullion: When did you first become aware of NFTs, and what drew you to them?

Karra: I was first aware of NFT’s in the beginning of 2021. The whole idea of decentralization is what made NFT’s stand out to me. No one likes being controlled by big tech companies. We all want to own our own piece of the internet and Web3 allows for exactly this. NFTs allow for the creation of new markets. They can be used to represent any type of asset, and this opens up a world of possibilities.

Techbullion: Do you trade NFTs yourself?

Karra: Yes, I do. And I am always looking to buy into projects that have stellar utility. 

Techbullion: Do you believe that the metaverse is the future? If so, how do you think the world will change with web 3.0?

Karra: The metaverse is an online virtual world that is being built on top of the existing internet infrastructure. It is a 3D simulation of the real world, where people can interact with each other and with virtual objects and environments. The metaverse is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to become a major platform for social interaction, entertainment, and commerce. Web 3.0 is the next stage of the internet, where the internet will be more decentralized and have more capabilities than it does today. The metaverse is one of the applications that will be built on top of web 3.0.

Techbullion: Do you agree with the values that are encoded into the NFT and crypto space? Does its decentralized nature appeal to you?

Karra: The values that are encoded into the NFT and crypto space definitely appeal to me. I like the idea of a decentralized and transparent system that is not controlled by any one central authority. This type of system has the potential to create a more level playing field for everyone involved.

Techbullion: You recently founded an NFT project called ‘Metaversity’. What inspired you to start this project?

Karra: As content creators and hustlers ourselves, my brother Srikar Karra and I didn’t have a lot of the tools and resources that would’ve made our lives easier. We had to do everything from scratch and learned a lot of things along the way. We realized that there are millions of people just like us who don’t have the right tools and connections in order to make it big. We started this project to help those people out. Metaversity provides those resources to hustlers who want to create a successful side hustle.

Techbullion: What is the main purpose of Metaversity? Do you have any goals that you would like the project to achieve? 

Karra: Metaversity is the university of the metaverse. The main purpose of Metaversity is taking hustlers to the next level. It is the only web3 enabled project that provides the right resources to an ecosystem of people who want to escape the traditional lines. The goal of this project is to help facilitate education and tools to people all around the world.

Techbullion: You seem to have created a community through Metaversity. What has this shared experience been like for you?

Karra: I am a strong believer that your network is your net worth. If you hang around with 9 millionaires, you will most likely become the 10th one. Metaversity is a community of people who share the same interests. They are hustlers who want to escape the lines that society confines them to. They want to go above and beyond, and this energy is reflected in the discord. There are over 20,000 amazing people who motivate and inspire one another. They are the future.

Sai Karra

Sai Karra

Final Thoughts 

Sai Karra was able to create a community and following on TikTok, which has enabled him to prioritize his entrepreneurship. Given the monetization of content, Karra understood the beauty of earning through diverse and non-traditional means. NFTs are reflective of Karra’s own personal ethos as a person. He sees the metaverse, and by extension NFTs, as the future of the financial world.

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