An Interview With Crypto Kang: The Crypto Influencer

It takes years for people to figure out how the crypto industry works. With changing strategies and new trends every year, newbie investors may find it challenging to adapt to the market quickly. But with crypto influencers like Crypto Kang around, things can become a lot easier for everyone. Today, we are fortunate to have one of the most well-informed stalwarts of the crypto industry and one of the biggest crypto TikTok influencers, Crypto Kang.

Q: Thank you so much for making time to talk to us. Can you tell us a little about your early years as a student and what made you enthusiastic about cryptocurrency?

A: It’s a pleasure talking to you guys. Well, as a student, I always dreamed of making enough money to lead a comfortable life. I wanted to become financially independent as soon as possible, in order to focus on what truly matters. Fortunately, I came across a technology forum while studying at the university. I was searching for different ways for students to make passive income, and I stumbled upon Bitcoin. I explored its concept and was so fascinated by it that I couldn’t stop learning more. That got the ball rolling in my involvement with cryptocurrency.

Q: Do you think today’s generation is more interested in the money-making process of the crypto industry instead of studying it in detail?

A: I think investing in the currencies blindly without knowing about them is committing financial suicide. Especially if you are using leverage. If you don’t mind losing thousands of bucks within a few hours, you are most welcome to gamble. But I would recommend that you don’t. This industry can give you back in ways that you can’t even imagine. First, however, you need to spend time with it. 

I won’t say that every youngster who is joining the space right now and wants to become a successful crypto trader invests blindly. Not anymore. It seems there is a shift in the trend, as most of them seem to try to learn their way up, with fewer trying their luck. But I guess the remaining will learn from their losses. Most do.

Q: How do you analyze market trends and volatility?

A: Although the crypto industry is unpredictable, you can still figure out how most of the projects will fare by analyzing the recent trends if you have an eye for where the world is going. First of all, I study a project’s team’s history and its overall performance. Next, I compare its performance with similar projects, if there are any. That gives me a general idea of this particular niche, for example. Continuous analysis of different coins over some time helps me predict the market’s future.

Q: What advice do you have for young crypto enthusiasts?

A: I would say the most important thing to master is bankroll management. In a way, being a day trader is like being a professional poker player. With a good strategy for your bankroll, you can afford to try new strategies and take some losses whilst adapting. However, you should first learn how each strategy performs during different market cycles. Moreover, crypto investors should always look to adapt as the space is in continuous evolution. Keeping yourself updated with the latest market news, world news, and trends should help implement strategies that can make your investments successful. You can also watch my videos on youtube and other platforms where I have analyzed tokens and market conditions over time.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the crypto industry today. It was a pleasure talking to you, and we hope you continue influencing aspiring crypto investors.

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