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An Inspiring Leader: Meet the CEO of ALEU – Monte Williams

A leader is one who has an aura and personality that inspires others and motivates them to realize their highest potential. Most importantly, a good leader is empathic toward people and understands that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Since such qualities are often hard to find, there are only a few who possess the ability to lead. One such individual is Monte Williams, the CEO and visionary behind the leadership development company, ALEU. 

With the aim to bring about a change, Monte formed the company in 2019 to help lead people in a way that they end up realizing their full potential. In fact, anyone who becomes a part of ALEU can transform their lives and become the best version of themselves while adding value to any environment they are a part of. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Well, all ALEU does is focus on leadership development, executive coaching, workforce readiness, and organizational architecture. 

The mastermind behind ALEU believes in training people to develop the right mindset and once that is done, one will see everything around them change positively. And that is exactly what Monte Williams has been doing. In fact, he has reached heights of popularity due to his skills and his power to influence others to unlock their potential. Monte has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, American Express Business Class and many more.

There is more to Monte Williams than meets the eye. He is the former Vice President of Customer Experience at Avocado Green Brands, and the former Senior Director of Customer Experience at Rent The Runway. Before holding senior leadership positions at these billion-dollar startups, this dynamic entrepreneur held senior management roles at companies, including Poppin and HALO Recognition (formerly Michael C. Fina). 

Apart from that, he is an executive coach accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has written a book titled ‘Get In The C.A.R. | The Keys To Sustainable Leadership’. The book creatively narrates a fictional story where the reader is the main character, and manages to unlock their potential as the story of life continues. As for Monte’s educational background, he holds a BA in Psychology and Religion from Duke University and MBA from Felician University.

Though the degrees opened several doorways of opportunities for Monte Williams, he found himself drifting towards the art of turning people into leaders. This is because his main goal has always been to make the world a better place, and he firmly believes that helping people to lead themselves more effectively can turn their lives around. “Anyone can learn to be a leader and develop leadership qualities,” says Monte Williams. “It just depends on their willingness to do the deep internal work and push themselves beyond their limits.”

Moreover, he feels that the qualities that can make a difference include courage, agility, resilience, integrity, and discipline. If you possess these qualities, you can control your life as leadership is a journey. The destination of the journey, on the other hand, is best defined by the traveler. “Mindset is everything,” he explains. “You can’t accomplish anything meaningful without the proper mindset that is aligned with your long-term goals.”

As a leader, Monte also understands that people encounter numerous problems at the start of their careers. Often, people make mistakes they tend to regret later on. However, Monte is of the opinion that mistakes are all but natural. They actually aid you in building and developing your character. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be uncomfortable,” he advises. “Nothing meaningful in life has ever been achieved without making mistakes and learning how to thrive in being uncomfortable. All you do require is a strong relationship with yourself,” adds Monte Williams.

Want to hear more from the inspirational leader? Well, we suggest you read his book or listen to his Ted Talks. According to Monte, it is your will to change that will help in building a path to success. And that is exactly what sets him apart from the rest.

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