An index token based on crypto market cap and fully collateralized

Crypto index is a hot topic. You’ve probably heard of it, but you might not know what it is and where it came from. In this article, I’ll give you the lowdown on crypto so that you can get up to speed on this exciting new technology.

The Alongside Crypto Market Index (AMKT) is an index that tracks the performance of major cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It is designed to provide investors with a comprehensive view of the crypto market, enabling them to make informed decisions

The AMKT tokens use an on-chain collateral system where each token is collateralized by the value of the underlying assets it tracks.

  • The tokens are collateralized by the value of the underlying assets
  • the tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens
  • the tokens will be available in a public sale on Ethereum mainnet after the pre-sale finishes

The AMKT tokens are crypto index token that tracks the value of the underlying assets it tracks. The index is fully collateralized and uses on-chain collateralization mechanisms to ensure security, transparency, and stability.

Do you know the difference between crypto and index token?

Crypto tokens are virtual currencies that are typically based on cryptocurrency blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are also sometimes referred to as tokens, coins, or digital assets. Index tokens, on the other hand, are tokens that track the performance of an index, such as a stock index, crypto index, or a basket of commodities. They are designed to provide exposure to the underlying asset or index without actually owning the asset itself. This means that investors can benefit from the price movements of the underlying asset without having to actually buy or hold it.

Crypto and index tokens are digital assets that are built on blockchain technology. They are typically used to represent a certain asset, such as a stock or commodity, or a basket of assets. Crypto tokens are typically decentralized and allow users to trade and store value without the need for a third party. Index tokens are typically centralized and are based on a predetermined set of assets. They are used to provide exposure to a basket of different assets, such as stocks, commodities, or other crypto tokens. Both crypto and index tokens have the potential to provide a more efficient and secure way to access markets, enabling users to trade and store value with less risk.

How does the AMKT token work?

The Alongside Crypto Market Index (AMKT) is an incredibly useful tool for investors looking to gain insight into the performance of the crypto market. By tracking the performance of the top crypto assets by market capitalization, it provides a comprehensive view of the entire crypto market. It is updated regularly, and you can use it to make informed decisions about your investments. Furthermore, the index is weighted based on the individual market share of each asset, making it an even more reliable tool for investors.

The AMKT platform allows users to make deposits by depositing cryptocurrency into their accounts and then makes them available as loans through automated lending protocols. The loans can be used to buy crypto assets with lenders receiving interest based on how much they lend out, which creates a win-win situation for both parties involved: borrowers get access to more capital than before while lenders earn interest income from their investment in cryptocurrency assets.

What is a collateralized token?

A collateralized token is a type of digital asset that is backed by an underlying asset. This asset can be anything from real estate to stocks and bonds. The collateralized token functions as a kind of digital receipt, representing an ownership stake in the underlying asset and providing a way for investors to access the asset without having to purchase it directly. The token also provides a way to manage risk associated with the asset’s value, as it can be revalued or sold if the underlying asset’s value changes.

Crypto index token market is extremely competitive. It’s a new and developing industry that has seen rapid growth in the past few years. The reason for this is clear; this market offers many investors with high returns, while also protecting them from any kind of market downturns. With all these factors working towards their favor, it’s no wonder why cryptocurrency indexes have become so popular among individual investors and institutional investors alike!


Overall, crypto index token offer investors a way to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market without having to purchase individual coins. They can provide diversification and liquidity, but investors should be aware of the potential risks associated with them


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