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The Success Stories Of A Penny Stock Trader; Interview with Steven Du, Founder of the Steven Dux Platform

In this interview,  Steven Du will be sharing with us his life experience as a successful trader, his success stories, a few tips on trading and some opportunities available on the Steven Dux Platform.

Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Xiuxian Du. I’m also known as Steven Du or more commonly, Dux. I was born in Chongqing, China and I come from a complex home.

I was raised with a strong will and an open mind for business. In China, I was a bad boy, so much so that it reached a point where I was borderline failing my classes. Thankfully, in my early teen years I came to America for a fresh start. I was determined to make money and take care of my parents.

Being an international student, my options were very limited when it came to what type of work I could do. Eventually I found my calling through one of my classmate’s spontaneous ideas during the summer. I opened up a trading account with TD Ameritrade with my friend. Immediately, I realized this was how I was going to make my money. In my head it was the only option I had.

Opening that trading account started me down my path of due diligence. I studied all the trading books I could afford at a half price book store. In addition, I looked online and found a few Stock gurus.

I spent a lot of money learning information that was either wrong or outdated. I also found that there are a lot of fake gurus out there just selling courses, but never cared about their students. That’s one of the leading reasons why I made a decision to create an educational service that filters out all the useless information to make things simple and help people out if they are broke college student like me that can’t afford all the courses out there.

In college, my major was environmental engineering. I love to create stuff and make complicated stuff simple. But back when I was going to school, I didn’t have enough funds to support my idea of building different engineering models.

That’s the reason I wanted to make some money in the stock market. Now I’m known as the guy that turned $27,000 into $4 million with penny stocks. I’m even teaching people how I did it through my education service.

What is the Steven Dux platform all about and what services do you provide?

The Steven Dux platform is how I offer my help to those who would follow my footsteps. It’s the second step into becoming consistently profitable. The first step you have to make on your own. Our services provide a virtual educational environment in chat rooms, databases, webinars, DVDs, stats reports, and more.

The concept of all my trading strategies are based on psychology and statistics. We use both of the factors to predict what the exact winning percentage is on each pattern. That’s why we create databases to track all the numbers and trades, do live webinars to help people to read the stock market charts so they can have better probabilities of winning in the market better, and a DVD course to teach people the basics of trading, plus all the other services listed on the site.

Tell us more about you summits and Webinars, how does it work and what do we expect?

Webinars are where we look at the market together akin to coming up to the teachers desk asking for help. You should expect a competitive environment that’s first come first serve and the teacher has helpers. If you want to take your education to the next level, you have to enroll as one of my Freedom Challenge students. Only then will I know you are serious and have taken the first step to invest yourself. In the webinar you can expect to see how I trade and provide assistance in reading the market better 2-3 times a week in the morning.

What is your Strategic Database all about?

Our Statistic Database records past trades’ data. On the first level, it contains basic information including entry, exit, date and symbol. The statistic database is based on our Trading Techniques DVD which introduced the 8 main patterns of my trades. In our Statistics Database, we categorize all past trades data into corresponding patterns. In short, the first level contains all of my trades that fits the pattern in our trading techniques DVD, and the data were categorized into 8 different pattern groups. At the second Level, we calculate each of the recorded pattern’s yearly, monthly, and weekly win rates. We also calculate my adjusted equity curve on each of the patterns based on 1,000 share blocks. This way, the techniques provide an unbiased result when trying to rationalize the profit to be expected out of a certain pattern for a certain period of time.

What are the importance of your Analytic Report?

The importance of our Monthly Statistics Analytical Report is about its visualization of the data. We are aiming for a clearler, simpler solution in tracking data and in the usefulness of each of the data that was tracked. Based on the visualization, our clients may utilize them to understand the relationships of the index they are tracking on their own. It is not an inclusive representation of what is recommended in data tracking. It acts as a template for our clients when they are trying to build or improve their stocks data tracking sheet.

What solutions do you provide on Live Trading?

During live trading, I go over all of our student’s questions in the recorded webinar or dvd course. Most importantly, people can watch me trade and analyze a stock in real time, so in the long run they will become self sufficient and trade by themselves.

Tell us more about your Training Plans and the costs involved

Our training plans can be categorized into main categories: Online and Offiline. 

For the Online Training Program: There are 3 types of Subscription based service available, and 2 purchasable options for streaming content.

  1. Subscription Option 1: Tier 1 (Monthly/Yearly Purchasable, $99/Mo, $1,188/Yr.). Tier 1 includes a Daily Watch List of stocks that’s relevant to our trading focus. It also provides General Chat-room access when I comment on the top plays for the active market trading hours. I also post live alerts after I enter and exit trades.
  2. Subscription Option 2: Tier 2 (Monthly/Yearly Purchasable, $149/Mo, $1,788/Yr.). Tier 2 includes Everything Tier 1 has, plus the access to my Statistics Database and Monthly Statistics Analytical Report. 
  3. Subscription Option 3: Freedom Challenge: (Yearly Purchasable Only, $7,500/Yr upon application approval). Freedom Challenge includes everything from Tier 2. Besides the access to General Chat, Freedom Challenge students also have access to a Freedom-Challenge-Only group chat. Students may utilize it to discuss data tracking and pattern related questions with like minded peers and myself. With Freedom Challenge membership, you also have access to all of my live/past webinar streams. I host at least 2 webinars per week. Usually the webinar will be hosted from 9:15AM – 10:30AM EST on Tuesday and Thursday (depending on the trade and the activeness of the penny stock market). Sometimes I add extra webinars especially for multi-day runners. Freedom Challenge Student also have free access to our streaming content Trading Techniques
  4. Purchasable Streaming Content 1 ($1,200, or free with FC membership): Trading Techniques. This is my first comprehensive pattern introductory video course. The content includes basic day-trading information for beginners in its first part, 8 patterns introduction and its advance application in the second part, live trading sessions in the third part, and data tracking focused webinars in the fourth part.
  5. Purchasable Streaming Content 2 ($1,200): The Duxinator. To refine our client’s trading process details, I put together my approach to advanced day trading concepts and applications. Based on the pattern that was introduced in Trading Techniques , I illustrate the details like volume predictions, double layer resistances, consolidation breakdowns and etc. The information that’s introduced in the Duxinator DVD adds more cohesiveness to his previous streaming content the Trading Techniques DVD .

Offline Training and Pricing (Market Mastermind): I host 4 Private In-Person Trainings throughout every year. They are evenly planned seasonally. Each of the 4 session lasts 2 days. It doesn’t matter where the master mind is hosted, the time frame of it would always be 9:00AM – 4:00PM EST on both days. It cost $2,000 to purchase a single session, $3,500 to purchase 4 sessions in a bundle. When purchasing 4 sessions in a bundle, each session access does not expire. You always get 4 sessions even if you can’t make it to a certain session. 

What else would you like people to know?

People have the wrong mindset when they consider an educational service. They want to get rich quick but that is not how reality tends to work. Trading in the market is just like playing sports. It takes years of practice to get good. So people need to be patient because it takes time. 

For more information, visit the Steven Dux website:

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